Broadway Plays Marketing Moneyball. Hype Wins.

I’m fresh off the plane from NYC (fun!), tons of content at my fingertips. First up: the not original notions that New York City is 1) a wee filter bubble and 2) know how to market Hype. Now Showing: Perspective […]

Blogging: Planned or Canned?


Reading a post on the State of Blogging, got me thinking. How I Blog I consider this a blog. Why? There’s comments. Sometimes. There are no ads (though not always a deal breaker). I’m not blogging for or as my […]

The Scariest Question in Business

For me the scariest, most dreaded question at any business networking event is “So what do you do?” What do I do? I LIVE. My not-an-elevator-pitch answer – because 1) I do more than work; and 2) I’m a human who prefers to […]

Facebook for Work: Not All Business

When it comes to building my career, I don’t ‘get’ as much from social media as others, or at least, that’s how it feels. Times Change. Maybe I should too. One network to rule them all. Dumb idea I had OUAT. […]

At the Movies: Business, Doing it Wrong

I’ll interrupt my normal content about how how communications is what drives successful business, PR more than sales and marketing, with a long overdue blog post, to rant about how Hollywood does and doesn’t get business vis a vis the movies. […]