Good Business: All it takes is a little Communication

A little communication can do a lot. Effective Communications is the HOW TO: Human Resources recruits, trains, hires and fires top talent via communications. It’s how employee relations creates brand advocates. It’s how teams work together to develop products and […]

Big Business, Little Things: On Customer Relations

Customer Relations is often a study in the little things. Little Things,  Big Impression When we cruise, the cabin stewards make a point of learning our names, routines, waiters our dinner preferences. That comes from training, from HR and CRM, empowering the staff to […]

Beware the Pink: October is Breast Cancer BUSINESS Month

Breast Cancer Awareness. As every October goes Pink in the name of charity (cough*greed*cough), I am aware that it’s Breast Cancer BUSINESS month. Spoiler Alert: Breast Cancer is a Terrible Disease. Statistically speaking, one out of every eight women will […]