Good Business: All it takes is a little Communication

A little communication can do a lot.

Effective Communications is the HOW TO:

  • Human Resources recruits, trains, hires and fires top talent via communications. It’s how employee relations creates brand advocates.
  • It’s how teams work together to develop products and refine services.
  • Brand promotion, marketing and sales, customer service and support, communications all day long.
  • It’s how a company builds successful relationships with its investors, community and key stakeholders.

Small Sign, Big Impression

We enjoyed our afternoon at AMNH, though a little communications would have made it better.

While touristing in NYC last year I went to the American Museum of Natural History. It’d been 20 plus years since my first visit and it showed – in all the wrong ways.

The facilities were dated, the exhibits unmanaged and the guest services practically non existent. For example several popular attractions needed – but didn’t have – a docent to manage the crowds of people taking pictures.

Unfortunately the poor customer service didn’t stop there. On the day we visited, one of the exhibits was closing early for an event; only no one said anything. There was NO signage at the elevators; NO information posted at the ticket booth; NO little insert in the map and guide the ticket agent gave us.

There was no communications. So we missed it.

Communications System Failure

It’s always a ‘communications’ problem.. even when there isn’t a PR or IC pro in the room. Sigh.

This was an organizational failure, a lack of integrated communications.

HR didn’t communicate with or train the employees on how to manage the event. The events team possibly didn’t notify the facilities manager that day. The PR or guest services director didn’t empower the staff to provide information to the public.

XYZ exhibit will be closing early today at 4 p.m. Please plan your visit accordingly. Thank You.

Contrast this with my local gym. When a service area is down, that’s the first thing you see – a sign on the counter that reads ‘pool closed for cleaning, sorry for the inconvenience.’

That’s it. A small sign, a little effective integrated communications – can make a big impact.

Your Turn: When would a little communication gone a long way?

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