Everything Ends. Is Your Business Ready For It?


Everything ends. There’s a time and place for everything, then that changes.

The beginning of the end. Again.

Creative destruction. Progress. AI and automation taking jobs or closing businesses. Call it what you will, but unless you make a profit making toilet paper almost no industry is safe.

I’m a bargain shopper, and it’s there in the discount bins I see all the hot cold, new old things. You wanted a quick hit of success, your business focused on the Eclipse – and today, the market is gone.

We’ll always need funny memes.

Timing is everything in business. Your great idea is yesterday’s adult coloring book.

Too many businesses fail, trying to jump on a bandwagon that’s already lost its market. I LOL’d when Nashville tried to signal a new character was a villain by having him play with a spinner; it came off more ‘tool, trying too hard’ than sinister. Hee.

Must agree with Chris Penn – focus on what doesn’t change – food, shelter, healthcare, must watch TV, caffeinated beverages (i.e. things everyone will always need and want) – to build a sustainable business.

Failing to plan vs. planning to fail.

I had plans, a business model that for a time worked – being a one-stop shop for many things Communications for SMB clients. Yet as technology shifted, as market forces evolved, the cost-benefit of what I did too. And my business wasn’t ready.

Ex. when Adobe moved its industry standard graphic design software to a cloud-based subscription model, they priced me right out. And that’s my fault – for NOT having a plan and for allowing too many CFH to devalue my work and services.

So here I sit, ready for a career change that focuses what never will – people. Businesses will always need people – talented, smart and capable. Management will always need those people work together, via the only thing that does – effective communications.

As was, this business has ended. This blog continues, shifting to employee-focused Internal Communications that businesses will always need.

Everything ends. Is your business ready?

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