Your Brand’s Story Is Already Written

honest kmart

What happens when the story is already written?

I got to thinking about this reading an interesting piece suggesting that no matter what really happened, the debate story was already written.

Not getting political, talking about pre-conceived notions. As perception shapes reputation, story matters. See also: Seth Godin on how our expectations are pre-wired. (Note to self: quit letting good content wither away in Evernote.)

Perception. Reputation. Story.

We’ve all been there: a friend who’d never try a certain brand – because of the company’s reputation, or the marketing, or some story they heard. Then based on our own customer experience, we convince them to take a chance. And when it wasn’t at all what they thought, they’re even more impressed.

That was me with Ross and their brand image, and I’ve been creating new fans ever since.

honest kmart
Love the Honest Slogans, they usually tell a better – and funnier – story.

Good Rep. Not So Good Rep.

When I emailed Southwest with a complaint about a service issue, I knew they’d take it seriously. I got a genuinely helpful reply that was an example of the customer-driven service the brand is known for – personal, empowered, human.

On the flip side cable companies are notorious, the terrible customer service stories legendary. So when I finally got U-verse to give me, a long time loyal customer, the same deal that new subscribers, that was no small victory.

Your Brand. “Your” Story?

Everyday your brand’s story is being written – by customers and employees, by critics and bloggers, by influencers and reporters.

It’s written on Yelp and TripAdvisor, in fan forums and chat rooms. Every review and picture posted online, every angry rant on social media all shape the expectations companies work so hard to manage.

Before anyone calls or clicks, they already ‘know’ you. Google is telling your brand’s story, and it’s already written and not always by you.

Integrated communications is key; PR + HR + Marketing + SM = better reputation management.

What do you do when your brand’s story is already written?


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