13 thoughts on “Changing the Logo Won’t Fix the Brand.

  1. Changing logo might bring something new in your graphic outlook of your business but it won’t change the brand of your business. Branding depends on your service and products that your provide.

    1. It’s inside vs outside, and you can use an graphic to change the look but unless you change the products, services – to say nothing of the culture – it won’t matter to the biz. Thanks Chris.

  2. Great article here Davina. My takeaways would be “What so many, too many companies get wrong is this: the wrapping on the package may be pretty, but it’s what’s inside that counts.” and “how do we keep people coming back?”. Come on! the brand innovation starts from improving customer experience. Start by probing customer touchpoints and take it as your point of difference. I liked the scenarios you’ve cited here. It’s not the wrap, it’s the package!
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    1. Sorry for the late reply Brett – I just caught this in my spam blocker (don’t allow keyword ‘names’). Customer touch points – as well as market, investor, EMPLOYEE, community – that’s where you start but even so, you have to deliver on what you promise. Nice building, friendly service and most importantly, good food – that first, then brand and logos. FWIW.

  3. I agree I think that people get so caught up on making things look pretty that they forget about everything else. While a good front is important what’s even more important are the products and services offered. Exactly like that saying “Content is King” but related back to other business where the services is the content.

    1. Keywords and business names don’t comment; people do. Please refer to my comment policy if you have any questions why I removed your name, URL.

      That said, yes other things are much more important that just image or content. Better products, services, being a better business. FWIW.

    1. Thanks for dropping by Jayme! I am kinda funny about this, for myself. This IS me, WYSIWYG .. but it’s not the whole me. It’s like FB and everything else, I don’t want to be ‘defined’ by my relationship status or a job title. I’m so much more than the sum of the checkboxes, than what I choose to share online. That’s why I insisted on a biz name and operating under that ‘brand’ (w/ my DIY logo which I still kinda hate).

      For her, it’s about how she brands. She’s herself or a business name? Is there some stylized treatment of her name, something w/ initials or something that could easily become a logo on a biz card? Really, if it’s all about her and she’s got the cred and reputation that appeals to clients, and everything looks polished and professional, not sure an icon is all that important.

      Per the post, not sure the icon/symbol is all that important to ANY brand – if the company behind it isn’t walking the walk. I’ve hit that point now with potential clients (big or small business) that if they’re wanting me to just get sales leads, fix FB and some publicity, and not work to fix the Brand, make the Company better .. then I’m not interested. FWIW.

  4. Completely agree, Davina. A logo isn’t a brand, and doesn’t mean it’ll ever be a brand, however as a military guy, the importance of symbolism isn’t lost on me; but it’s up to the leaders to get customers, employees and stakeholders to rally ’round the flag.

    1. It is a symbol Frank. Like we were talking about PR positioning, that Disney logo means something when you see it. It’s not just marketing or sales, there’s long-term investment in relationships, reputation. A logo can become a key part of a brand’s persona, but that starts w/ TPTB investing in the symbol AND in everyone, everything it’s meant to represent. FWIW.

  5. Hey Davina,

    If the company itself is in need of a makeover for whatever reason and they have improved their service then the rebranding can work. If they’re just changing their logos because they want something fresh then it might catch my eye because I’m not familiar with it but it won’t change my mind about the company itself.

    Funny how they haven’t figured that out or maybe they’re just doing all they can to hopefully be better. Sure hope so at least.

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    1. Sometimes things just fall out of vogue, too much competition, too many choices .. so a rebrand can make customers take another look. But rebuilding reputation, to change someone’s mind and move them to act.. that’s the real deal Adrienne. Like you said, you have to make improvements on the inside (service, offerings) for any changes to the outside (logo) to work. FWIW.

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