The Obligatory Resolutions Post – That Might Actually Be Worth a Read

Another New Year, yet another NY resolutions post. This one will be different. Hopefully shorter and sweeter, much unlike 2013.

I’ve made some really positive changes in my life this year, mostly health and fitness – yet mere baby steps towards improving my finances, my career, mental health and general outlook.

I’ve worked my ass off – as I have my entire life, since age 12 it feels – only to make the same old mistakes all new ways. I cannot begin to describe how craptacular my luck has been these past years, kicking me whilst I’m still down since The Aughts.
I need to make big giant leaps forward, without getting knocked back. I have to make my own luck. I get that. I will blow my own horn as ain’t no one else will do it for me.

People: I’m wicked smart. I am very talented. Multi even! No matter what the job is, no matter how meaningless or trivial it may seem – I work hella hard to get it right, to be professional; always. I have a creative mind that would be an incredible weapon to any brand with the balls to wield it and the appreciation of said talents to pay what they’re worth.

I’m available. On the market. A real catch.

The Kelly Taylor Moment

Not that I ever watched 90210 but as a child of pop culture, I’m very familiar with her “I choose Me.”

And that is my resolution. That is THE resolution to make – for 2014 and beyond. Choose yourself.

Put your own health, wealth, happiness first. Make your career, your life your biggest priority. Help those that help you. Help yourself.

I know ‘give to get’ is the way of the world. But if it feels you’re always the giver, never the getter [profanity laced rant redacted] – stop. Don’t let anyone deter you with “oh that’s so selfish” bullshit [link to pithy ‘selfish is good‘ quotes]. Don’t ever put up with people and practices that drag you down. Kick that shit to the curb, walk away – choose YOU.

I don’t know what it will look like yet, but big changes are coming this year. If it makes me happy, that’s what I’m gonna do. If it’ll push my career in the right direction, that’s where I’m spending my time and resources. I will say “No” more and not look back. I’m putting myself first, second .. twenty-third. I choose me.

You know my priorities. What are yours? What are you resolved to do in 2014? (BTW .. Happy New Year.)

 Photo credit: I plan to stick to my resolutions, still that’s a good one from Bluntcards.


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2 thoughts on “The Obligatory Resolutions Post – That Might Actually Be Worth a Read

    1. I’ve done the big lists – only to accomplish a fraction of it, feel like I failed, that I missed out, all that. Not that any of it is easy – not the diet, certainly not the career. Like w/ other strategy and planning, having one simpler, clearer priority to rule them helps you tackle all the rest. We’ll see.

      Best to you Frank, thanks!

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