Pacific Rim, Bad Fits and Endless Content: A BlogSmash Production

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Blockbuster du Jour

Fully expecting to lose a couple of IQ points in the name of escapist fun, I was pleasantly surprised when I went to see Hollywood’s latest attempt to cash in via a 3-D action blockbuster, Pacific Rim. Three quick takes, FWIW:

  1. A little heavy on the exposition in the beginning – some in medias res woulda helped the narrative – nonetheless enjoyable once you suspend a week’s worth of disbelief.
  2. Visual effects that worked; the 3D actually added to the movie as opposed to being a gimmick.
  3. Didn’t have big names trying to ‘act’ or force major character development, it knew what it needed to do to – and stuck with it.

Choose Your Messages Wisely

Watch this TV spot with the obligatory blips of praise and hype:

  • “Better than every other Transformers ripoff.”
  • “Actually worth the ridiculous $ for 3D.”
  • “Not half as crappy as Battleship.”

So I made those up (though I’m sure you could Google some reviews that say that).

This movie isn’t trying to be something its not, nor something for any and every movie goer, the ones looking for amazing acting, big name stars, cheesy romance; those audiences are Bad Fits.

The movie is aiming for the “rock ’em sock ’em” mindless summer escape crowd. Period.

Folks that think they need to tone down the loud, leave out the crazy – you’re welcome to stay home.

A Few Business Lessons for Small Business

Don’t try to do all things. Have an idea and execute it well.

Tell your story, stick to your strengths.

Get creative, go crazy if you want. Step up and OWN it.

Get buzz. Share buzz. Grab momentum and build on it.

I’m sure my minimalist expectations played into it, but I enjoyed Pacific Rim as much if not more than some of the summer’s other fare (yawning at you, Superman). It’s struggling at the box office and it makes me wonder what kind of marketing push would woo in the audience?

“The unsucky version of Godzilla you haven’t been waiting for!”

“Effects actually worth $200 million. No, really!”

“Take THAT Michael Bay.”

This ain’t everyone’s kind of movie – not really mine even. Maybe that’s what surprised me the most and got me thinking a little differently – something every business should do when it comes to their PR and communications. Am I right?!

Does watching a different kind of movie, reading a book outside your comfort zone shake things up for you? What else helps you rethink creative, what it takes to market and grow your business? Do share.

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4 thoughts on “Pacific Rim, Bad Fits and Endless Content: A BlogSmash Production

  1. Agreed. Sometimes you just need that mindless diversion.

    Maybe the marketing issue is simply trying to do a summer blockbuster without bankable stars. (But good actors — Elba and Hunnan) It’s risk/reward. You do a blockbuster without paying an A-Lister $20m, the studio pockets the profit, but there is less chance of success when you go without a marquee name.
    Adam recently posted..5 Reasons Customer Documentation Is at the Heart of Great Service

    1. There are good movies w/out big stars; sometimes they turn into sleeper hits, others not. Even w/out names, this clearly had big CGI budget – and easy to adapt/market overseas, where a lot of the profit margins live. And crazy as this sounds, this wasn’t all that mindless. You knew what was gonna happen, what movies they were building on but it was still done in entertaining, somewhat ‘different’ ways – kinda smart stupid. 🙂

    1. Funny how that works Josh?! I often complain my brain doesn’t seem to have an off switch, look forward to breaks when I can really shut it down – and that’s when inspiration turns on. Thanks.

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