Decisions and The Honest Economy

In sales, in business the competition, the economy aren’t the real enemies.

Why don’t people decide to buy from you, or why do they go next door? People don’t trust the sales agents or they don’t believe the deal; perhaps the options and choices are unclear or too overwhelming – so they don’t choose. Anything.

Indecision is the biggest enemy.

Wherefore art thou, Transparency? 68017-strip_-sunday

Customer service. Hide the 800 #. No 800#. Invisible contact forms. Voice mail labyrinth.

Pricing. Different prices depending on day of week, random holiday promotion, supply, demand, color of your socks, no wait you’ll pay more. No wait, it’s 5 minutes later and everyone has changed fares. Again. How often do new customers Deal A, long time users get Deal Squat. Looking at you, cable providers.

HR. People work unsatisfied (or just quit) because the job was not as advertised, because they got sugar-coated smoke instead of the honest “you’ll be understaffed and overworked, be running around like a maniac, all for a tiny wage. Work for you?” truth.

When The Decision is Clear

Think about community and social. Companies who openly tell you what causes or groups they support with their money make it easier for you to decide whether or not to give them yours.

Brands like Nike, Disney and many more openly support equality; many brands incorporate that into their marketing. Coke has social goals, puts them right out there.

Think about mistakes. Doesn’t have to be the end; it’s how you deal with it. I remember a bug fix update for an app that was kinda hilarious – they messed up, so they fixed it. (I’m a dork, notice these things.)


Marcus Sheridan gave this TED talk earlier this year on The Honest Economy, asked his friends to share it – if we felt it worth it.

I watched the video, let it sit; watched it a month or so later. Even if we weren’t friends, I’d totally share it because he’s one smart guy.

– Talk about your business. Pros and Cons. Do’s and Don’ts.

– Talk about your prices – this is what you charge, no hiding, no apologies, no b.s.

– Talk about what’s in it for them – don’t flinch because there’s something in it for you too.

Transparency makes it easier to decide.

What opaque business practices drive you batty? Can you think of instances when transparency and honesty made a positive impression?

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3 thoughts on “Decisions and The Honest Economy

  1. Davina,
    So right. If you don’t know what you are dealing with, why would you want to deal with it? Any business that hides its contact information is the number one suspect. I must say Amazon does this. I had a problem with a shipment, and it was pretty hard to find someone to talk to.

    1. A lot of times it’s b/c it’s an affiliate or reseller; same thing w/ eBay so you have to be more buyer beware. Totally agree though – I know the phone/cable companies do this now; Contact Us goes thru 13 different subpages, chats, FAQs, riddles and what not before you get to the actual call lists. So annoying.

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