Going on vacation and I’m taking the blog with me!

Absence makes readers grow fonder.

Or at least, that’s the plan.

I considered running another guest post but then thought I’d give everyone a break. I’m not going to be around to engage, I won’t be reading or keeping up with much industry news while I am gone; this is (mostly) an unplugged trip.

I have scheduled this with clients, worked some nights and weekends to get ready for my trip. Barring catastrophe — aka LSU losing, Coach Miles eating some bad grass — I should be ok, hopefully enjoy the trip sans worrying about work or the blog.

I shall return refreshed, revived, recovered from any over indulgence and hopefully, NOT red as a lobster. See you in a couple weeks.

Does your blog take a vacation?

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5 thoughts on “Unplugged

    1. No problem Jenn, I really thought about it and decided to just take off the time. It’ll be a mad scramble to back in the game but think the time, no pressure, is worth it. And see, just off the ship and first thing I do – wifi, a gazillion emails (lots of junk), and a quick social media check. 😉

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