The Worst iPad App List Ever

Okay maybe not the worst ever but weaksauce to be sure. Why? Because it’s late Wednesday, I am pressed for a post, don’t want to think too much before a holiday weekend, because I am drinking a big glass of wine right now.

iPad for business

The iPad is more than just a cool iToy, it has so many possibilities for small business as yes I can get actual WORK done.


  • Flipboard makes every iPad app list and rightly so; it’s freakin’ cool. Great for news, random interests with social integration for easy sharing.
  • USA Today and the WSJ are my national news apps. The AJC and My Fox5 are my Atlanta apps. There’s also a MobileRSS reader which, needs to get used more, the WeatherChannel and ESPN.

demotivational posters - PICARD SEES YOUR IPAD Productivity

  • Evernote. Already in love with this little wonder, as it’s on my iPad and in Chrome; not sure if I need to download the desktop client too but this is great. My favorite thing is how well it syncs so that what I start in one place, I can finish in another.
  • Dragon Dictate just rocks. Everyone I show this ‘talk to type’ app just “AHs” at how far we’ve come.
  • Dropbox. Ah The Cloud, so fluffy and pretty. Updated mine, trying to get a better handle on what to keep there and what I want to ‘sync’ both there and on the computers.
  • Skype is on there too, though I’ve used Facetime more for conference calls.

Best of the Rest

  • Social – Part work, part play .. social media is here to stay. (See also, why I ain’t a poet.) The official Twitter client (because TweetDeck for iPad has vanished from the app store?!) and Friendly for Facebook top the list. My blog is on WordPress, so that app is there though it needs improvements such as ways to sync the iPad drafts with the real ones online.
  • Games – These are important! Killing smirking green pigs instead of demanding, bitchy clients keeps me out of trouble. Not to mention prison. Solitaire is a must.
  • Fun – Shazam and Soundhound are good for music lovers, I’ve got movie and shopping apps, need to buy some ebooks someday, got a few photo fun apps, TV.. plenty of distractions.

One thing you’ll notice, these are mostly free or very low-cost apps for the premium versions. These are also the usual suspects as I am still exploring, looking for good alternative browsers, file managers, printing clients, anything to get work done. Where do you find the good apps, any secret gems you’d like to share?

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13 thoughts on “The Worst iPad App List Ever

    1. They’re addictive Brankica .. mine’s almost always in my lap when I’m watching TV, first thing in the morning before I get on the computer. My sisters and friends, we like the FaceTime .. easy and just fun. I switched to Uverse and already having fun with that app. Don’t get me started on Angry Birds; I suspect 12-step programs for that stuff. Once I really get this figured out, what I can do, which apps are worth the $$ for getting work done, I’ll update the list.

  1. I’m a Apple fan boy, so it’s hard to believe I haven’t submitted and purchased an iPad, this might just push me to do it. I have Evernote on my iPhone and love it. Things is a nice little app as well for tasks.

    Always though Picard was a PC guy πŸ™‚

    Hey Davina, thanks so much for stopping by my place yesterday. Your comments will be a big help to me once I get around to some of the changes you mentioned.

    Hope you have a nice weekend!
    Craig McBreen recently posted..A chubby kid with no social game

    1. Everyone was a PC guy back then, but check out JJ Abrams new Star Trek – looks very Apple store to me. I’m still hanging on to my dumbphone since I just don’t want the constant interruption, not to mention temptation. I’ll still totally drool w/ 5 debuts. I’m already liking Evernote a lot, seeing the benefits of cross syncing and joys of the cloud.

      It was good to see your blog up and running Craig. Reminds me I need to add it to my Reader. Enjoy your weekend.

  2. Love me some simplenote. Faster for strict note taking and writing than Evernote and syncs with Notational Velocity or nvALT on the Mac (as well as some PC programs if you’re into that kind of thing). Love iThoughts HD for mind mapping out ideas. You can also take your maps in OPML and bring them into certain word processors like Scrivener in an outline form. Really solid for going from visual to writing. Omnifocus is damn expensive, but worth every penny as a to-do. And 1Password and TextExpander also kick some serious ass.
    Michael Schechter recently posted..Markdown and The Language of The Web

    1. I will really have to take a look at those, thanks Michael. Right now I’m figuring out my workflows, what I can do on the iPad, so that I can decide which apps to invest in for work. First up is finding the best way to move or sync files from my iMac which is still my primary work machine, and a good file/folder management tool. I know this can’t do my design stuff, but writing, planning, almost anything I do online – this is working just fine for most things. Plus I can reply to comments while watching HBO, so that’s a win too.

    1. Funny Bill, sure there’s a scammer out there just dying to hook you up. πŸ˜‰ You know my grandfather had an iPod before I did, I was like so behind the times. At least now I’ve passed him with an iPad. Enjoy your weekend.

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