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BALANCE I’ve decided is a mythical creature that not only shits rainbows and farts glitter, it belches pretty fireworks too. Balance is right up there with the Tooth Fairy, a decent romantic comedy and ‘healthy’ fast food. Be it wine, personal vs. professional time, marketing oneself.. balance is the real trick when in it comes to self-promotion.

Too much. 

  • Popup ads asking for my email address before I read your post.
  • Tweets set on auto-pilot constantly linking to your ‘hire me’ page.
  • Blog comments all over the Internet sharing ‘hey I wrote about this once’ links.
  • Websites and blogs junkified with as many ‘subscribe, download, buy’ buttons as you can find.

Not enough.

  • Going all the way to the end of the dock, baiting the hook, casting the line, getting a bite.. then not reeling the fish in (not asking for the sale).
  • Not telling people more about what you do, not having that elevator pitch perfected. Yet. (I hereby fine myself in Kangaroo court.)
  • Not sharing your own semi-readable blog posts a little more often. (Introversion rears its head.)

Open sign is not enough.

Yes that’s what it boils down to. I remember thinking, “Mack Collier just tweeted about his phone-consulting rates, that’s a little bold.” Until a few days later I realized I’d give away lots of valuable social media marketing advice to a damn tire kicker, in violation of my own consultation rules. Facepalm! (H/T Mack.)

I get asked for advice, tips and referrals. I know it’s not like prom queen Gini Dietrich, people thinking maybe I am unavailable or too expensive. Not sure what the problem is other than I can’t tell better others what I do. (Another fine for not updating the website already.) - Thanks for tolerating my incessant spam and shameless self promotion.
I don’t make the over-promotion rookie mistake, but I don’t know how to sell without selling either. Thanks to Laura Click and Shakirah Dawud for the kick in pants, Jayme and The Sales Lion and Erica Allison too.

SMBs, I’m the Communications Consultant your droids are looking for

Lots of companies and small businesses can’t afford a full-time MarComm manager; that’s where I come in, pinch hit and get what you need done.*

I do public relations. Corporate and marketing communications, employee relations and yes, media relations as publicity is a part of PR too. This is integrated with social media, assisting you on everything from Facebook pages, Twitter to making sure your blogs and content don’t stink up the joint. I’ll help with your graphic design, so hopefully your ads don’t look like they were done by a sophmore using 12-year old clipart. When someone gets your business card, they’ll have an idea about what you really do because I’ve advised against using some bullshit job title. I’ll help you make the most of your events, so that regional meeting or convention for your franchisees doesn’t put attendees in a boredom coma before the first coffee break.

Still can’t figure out what I can do for you and your business? Well I’ll sit at my iMac all day, typing and tweeting, swilling Coke and watching Hulu. No wait, that’s for me. I save you money by sparing you some growing pains, helping you get it right the first time. I help you find and target your audience, tell your story in order to grow your business. And as you can tell, we may just have some fun too.

Thoughts? To self promotional? Not enough? Anyone hiring?

*For the right deal, I could be a full-time pro. Or paid to write about TV and wine and Disney World all day. 😉

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36 thoughts on “The “Hire Me” Blog Post

  1. Social media guru is not a good title to put on the card?

    I like this because I kind of knew what you did, but now I know how you can help someone that might be looking for these services. If I know someone who is looking for any or all of these services, I’ll make sure I pass your info on.

    Hopefully this will create at least one or two opportunities, huh? Good luck…..
    Bill Dorman recently posted..All that glitters is definitely not gold

    1. You can put “Supreme Commander of Strategic Engagement Initiatives” on your cards, just know I’ll mock you viciously while wondering WTH you really do. 😉 Think of a doctor’s card, not having area of specialty.. just one of my peeves. Glad you liked my little blog ad Bill, now I gotta get back to work.

  2. Hello Davina.
    This is one of the big three: finding new customers, converting them into buyers is second; and lastingly third is getting them to become clients who come back for more.
    I’ve spent three years preparing for a small business launch and I have addressed these things you speak about.
    Why so long? I am fully employed making someone else money, and my compensation is adequate for doing so. Thus the time to get up to a level I can live with and live off!
    So, I will soon find out if I have addressed these three Titans well enough to come back and post some more comments about this current topic.
    So, soon there will be another site that is my business site and my blog will be aiming to send people over there to look.
    If they go there it will be because they were interested in something I blogged about or promoted at the end of a blog.
    I have no fear of promoting myself to people who may well need what I offer. In fact if I target the right people and reach them, I would be remiss if I didn’t offer them the help they want.

    P.S. Always enjoy the fresh and honest take you dish up here. Sincerely Bily
    Billy Delaney recently posted..People who watch us assume we aren’t when we really are!

    1. Thanks Billy. You’re of course right about targeting and reaching the right people. If it’s done well, promoting ourselves to those whom we can really help is what we should do.. love the “I would be remiss” – very good. As for your business.. think taking your time and setting your pace is key. We’ll all have our ways of working, what fits best for us and our clients.

  3. This was one of the best ‘hire me’ posts ever! People have been telling me to do one for myself but I think that a point you made here is holidng me back; I dont want to talk about myself (but I mmay copy Al and copy this one as well 🙂 ). Its bad enough (and I am taking the word ‘bad’ extremely lightly) that I spend my days on the phone talking to recruiters and hiring managers about myself. My days are speaking ‘hire me’ posts for hours at a time. I am overly exhausted with sharing my experience and qualifications and talking about how great I am 🙂 I love how you describe yourself and your services – spot on! Hope you get some business but I am even more greatful for the excellent example you set here of how to do this right.
    Christina Pappas recently posted..Chances Are, You Have Already Been Gamed

    1. I share your frustrations Christina, I get over it at times so the last thing I want to do is talk about myself more. It’s part of it, I need to get accept it and since I’ve read a few of these “for hire” posts of late, figured I was due. Glad you like it, the services I still need to work on that but I do like to put things in practical terms that people can relate to. FWIW.

  4. Davina,

    A person who does an outstanding job doesn’t have to do a lot of promotion because their work speaks for itself. On the other hand if one doesn’t take credit for their work no one knows who to praise for the success but the client. I have always heard that the best promotion is word of mouth but I beleive the best word is what we say about ourselves. I am a firm advocate for self promotion but it has to be done the right way. I don’t like aggressive sales pitches but I believe it we can explain the benefits of a service that we provide to our potential clients rather than just the features everyone wins. Don’t send me a email telling me you have a new book. Send me an email that explains how your book is going to change me life.

    Self promtion is great, if done the right way. Do more! You have a great offering. Now let me warn you. I don’t have a clue what I am talking about. I don’t have services or a product to sell. So, really I am just taking up space on your post. 🙂

    1. Take up as much space on the blog as you want Frank because your book example is a good one. Send excerpts that can help me, show the value I’d get; I’m not clueless I still know it’s a sales pitch but at least that’s targeted, relevant to me. On work speaking for itself, it doesn’t always. I have more things not in my portfolio than I do; clients like what they like, want that “premiere award winning” language, want too much copy etc. Thanks for stopping by.

  5. Love this Davina. Thanks. You wrote this brilliantly. I need to take some notes or just copy the whole thing. Ha ! With the new site and services, I am looking for more ways to market myself and the CARE movement. Rumor has it, that integrating videos might be a good idea. Hummmmm ? (Marcus). Anyway, really appreciate what you did here and not Barfing all over me. Ha ! Great Job.

    Al Smith recently posted..Now, More than Ever, We Need to C.A.R.E.

    1. Your welcome Al. And what would be business barf to you may not be to readers, potential clients. I wish I had the confidence, personality for video as it’s great for SEO and can be an effective way to show your expertise. Good luck finding your balance, thanks.

      1. Davina,
        I have not done videos yet, either, but I anm going for it, because I know it will make a difference and let people see, hear and get to know me better. I don’t have a clue, how or what i’m doing, but you know what ? It is going to be FUN !! And you can do it, too. I know you can. Let’s go for it !

        Expand yourself and Expand your Business, right ?

        i hope to give it a shot within the next week, if I do, i will let you know, and you can laugh at me, too. Ha ! It’s all good. Have a great weekend !

        And the barf thing, was just me, trying to be funny. Ha ! sorry.

        Al Smith recently posted..Now, More than Ever, We Need to C.A.R.E.

        1. I’ve did a vid about 7-8 months ago – like you said, so people can see my face and hear my voice. Not sure about it.. maybe again someday. Good luck with yours.

  6. Love this Davina!
    It took me time to realize that if we don’t ask, well, we don’t get. There are tons of way of asking and the spectrum as you point out is very large from spam to ignoring leads.
    One way I have done it is setup and FAQ with a list of what I offer and how I do it. I can then link to these pages when I refer to coaching in my post. It stops me from repeating myself and there are some nice ranking advantages as each one is a page in its own.

    For wine I will
    John Falchetto recently posted..Do you play by the rules?

    1. I think an FAQ has been on my overdue to-do list John. And really those make great posts if a certain Sales Lion is to be believed. You’re right about the SEO too, just need to think about how I want to do it, write in a way that’s me and also helps the reader. Hmmm.. FWIW.

  7. I know I may come across as redundant in saying this all the time Davina, but this piece was so dang cool. Seriously. First, I love the too much/too little list you made. And I agree emphatically with each.

    It’s interesting you write this post now because I’ve been thinking hard about writing a post that basically answers just this— as it’s a technique I call ‘subtle selling’.

    We’ve got to learn to sell without coming across as though we’re barfing all over the reader (which, btw, you did not barf over anyone here—-as it was way cool 😉 )…But there is no question we need to integrate our skills, services, etc into our writings.

    Anyway, loved your list of ‘services’. Made me smile and want to hire you (if I need an awesome writer/do-all on my staff 😉 )

    Thanks, as always…

    Marcus Sheridan-The Sales Lion recently posted..How to Build Amazing Friendships, Not Just ‘Fans’, Online

    1. Glad you liked the lists as I know I tend towards the ‘too little’ side of spectrum, subtle as people don’t like to be sold but they will buy. Funny you mention the writing Marcus.. I have a friend who swears I do the theming and planning, clever writing so well that it’s a marketable skill. I say TRUE DAT.. now find me someone willing to pay for it and/or take that chance.

      A lot of businesses are afraid of showing personality, of alienating people or just so stuck on their ‘award-winning innovative whatevers’ that they don’t see there may be better ways to go about it. Meanwhile Woot and Groupon, have made their marks daring to be different by banishing the humdrum boilerplate, creating their own writing styles. FWIW.

  8. If you write about wine and Disney World all day, I’d guess you have to have access to both all day? Sounds like a pretty good gig to me, too! Sign me up!

    You know what I’ve decided this is all about? THE FREAKING ECONOMY!

    I know we’re supposedly out of the recession, but this is worse than 2008. No one is hiring anyone. People are afraid to let go of their cash, even if they have things budgeted. So we have to keep fighting the fight and be ready when wallets loosen up. This is a great example of how to do that.

    And…if I hear of a partnership to write about wine all day, I know who to call!
    Gini Dietrich recently posted..Ethics In Public Relations

    1. Alas I still remember the recession of 10 years ago, then more booms and bombs along the way Gini. The economy and Satan’s Epic Revenge roller coaster (aka NYSE) certainly has a lot to do with it… a few industries I’ve worked (luxury consumer, real estate, etc.) have taken huge wallops right in the kisser, even a few knock out blows. I also wonder if folks haven’t been burned once too often of late and are 1) skeptical of outside providers and 2) DIY what they can, even if it’s not the best work. Like you said, scared to let go of the purse strings. Ah the wine gig.. a great ‘excuse’ for me to drink more wine, so yes please let me know. 🙂

  9. Are you SURE you don’t want to put this text in a giant, full-page, unclose-able pop-up ad? It’s a great marketing story. Now I need to get my butt in gear!

    “I save you money by sparing you some growing pains, helping you get it right the first time. I help you find and target your audience, tell your story in order to grow your business. And as you can tell, we may just have some fun too.”
    Marianne Worley recently posted..The Day I Chatted With a Facebook Hacker

    1. All those other posts got my butt in gear and finally gave me the nerve to actually publish this, so we’re all helping each other. Glad you like that language Marianne. It still needs some polish but it’s more of what I want to do when I finally get around to redoing the website… less boring biz babble, something more straight-forward and just plain-spoken for the regular, non-PR and social media types (i.e. would-be clients). Thanks.

    2. Great image Marianne 🙂 From the tone of the post, we probably want to emphasize Davina’s no-nonsense post… maybe a nice photo of Davina walking into your business with an ax handle — she’ll get those bullshit titles off your business card !

      1. I have a stack of business cards that I show clients Glenn. Many have generic job titles and/or cheesy tag lines and I’m like “ok, tell me what they really do.” Usually you can’t .. which is 1) a peeve of mine and 2) last thing someone wants to do. I do my best to make sure the card gives some sense of who you are and what you do, so the recipient gets it.

    1. Heh. I just loved your “I have good clients, Want to be one, then click HERE” thing Erica, so I figured I should go ahead and run this as I’d been tweaking this draft for a while now.

  10. I really liked how you described yourself, Davina. I think it makes perfect sense. And, it’s nice and conversational so people can get a sense of your style. So, put it out there! We are in business after all. 😉

    As for the over-promotion you and Shakirah are talking about, I think we need to let go of that. Yes, there are some serious offenders out there, but you two definitely aren’t it. Sometimes, we also have to remember that the things we think people hate actually drive results. For instance, I hear pop-ups have great conversion rates for emails. While I really don’t like them, you can’t deny that they do get results. So, you have to think to yourself – would you rather someone think you are an overpromoter or get more business because you put yourself out there?

    Just some food for thought. Hope this helps! Oh, and don’t think for a minute I have perfected this. It’s definitely a balancing act that can be difficult to master!
    Laura Click recently posted..How to Build a Blog Community

    1. I am so mixed on the harvesting of email addresses Laura. My mindset is so opt-in, I rarely subscribe to anything. So that collection of email addresses one may get from a popup, I have to question its value as more does not always mean better. I do of course believe in email marketing, just as always.. done a certain way, with perhaps a smaller but more targeted list. Balancing act indeed. (Oh.. and you’re welcome.)

    2. Laura, I was going to make the same point about the pop-ups. I have heard the conversion rate is much higher with them, so what’s more important?

      I would ask this question: how often do you click away from a blog when it has one of those popups? I might click the window closed, but I don’t leave the blog. So, I guess for me the minor annoyance is not enough of a turn off.
      Adam Toporek recently posted..The State of Small Business Infographic

      1. And I have left the blogs Adam.. if a quick scan doesn’t show me something good, sometimes immediately I just bail. If the content is really good, I’ll RT it w/ a warning about the popup. It depends on the biz, if email marketing is the core of the biz then yes, you have to harvest that mailing list. I just find most of them too quick, asking too much on a first date, ya know? If I’ve been there and commented a few times, THEN say “hey, we’ve noticed you’ve gotten value from our site and we appreciate you sharing your thoughts. Why not get our tips delivered right to your email inbox?” But then, I’m a ‘soft sell’ person, FWIW.

        1. And that’s where it gets tricky. I don’t believe in hard sell — but I do realize that what is or is not considered hard sell is very much in the eyes of the beholder.

          It’s like those long sales pages. I don’t like them, but the data show that they work. Should an effective marketing technique (assuming it is ethical, etc.) be abandoned because it annoys me? As I wrote about a few posts ago, it’s a bad idea to confuse oneself with one’s customers. (Wait, was that an “I wrote about this too link?” Ruh-roh!) 🙂

          All that being said, I will say more important than effectiveness is being able to feel good about what you do. So if you really hate something, I would agree you should not do it.

          On a more important note, I’m glad you wrote this post. I think you struck a good balance and promoted yourself well. I’ll keep an eye out for some clients on my way up I-75! 🙂
          Adam Toporek recently posted..Marketing Strategy: You Are Not Your Customer

          1. I will have to read your post Adam b/c you’re right.. we are not our customer. Which in a way was the point of one of my last posts.. we shouldn’t assume everyone is techno-savvy, early adopting, social media types, into networking and relationships; some just want to play Farmville and ignore our ads, others .. ignore FB all together as they have other things to do. 😉

            Glad you liked the post.. I try to present both sides to clients.. hard push or soft sell, go over what has been effective vs. what hasn’t then find those areas where we either need to back off.. or push a little harder, ask for those emails and sales. Thanks for looking out for me, will appreciate it.

        2. This is just an example of different strokes for different folks. What will attract you, won’t attract someone else ( and vice versa). Check out Laura Roeder’s site. She does a great job with pop-ups. In fact, she’s clever about it – she says something like “hate pop-ups, but love free stuff? Then enter your email for _____”. I think that’s pretty darn smart.

          I think you have to be smart about how you use it. Certainly, a pop-up after 5 seconds is a bad idea. But, one that shows up after you’ve scrolled all the way through a post might be a good idea. But, it’s all a matter of taste and choice.
          Laura Click recently posted..How to Build a Blog Community

          1. That is smart way to word it Laura and yes, timing makes a difference. And it’s choices that work.. I mean, most of us zap ads on the DVR and they’re still around. FWIW.

  11. Can I hand out your flyers? I thought I was bad, but I was like, why is it whenever I follow a link she tweets I know where I’m not going to end up (her blog)? Knew you had it in you, Davina. I’m a crusty introvert, too, so I feel you–it’s hard for me to “feel it out” and fear of making the mistake of actually making someone think I want them to buy something (gasp!) is pretty strong.

    I started this business with cold calling years ago, and if there’s one thing that does, it’s not allow you to waste time with anything other than what you’re about. But in social media I’m afraid people are talking about me whenever they say people are overpromoting themselves. It’s crippling, but I’m getting over it.

    Thanks, Davina.
    Shakirah Dawud recently posted..How To Create A Telesummit To Build Business

    1. In a way it’s silly, sort of irrational.. this stigma with promoting ourselves; we’re in business Shakirah, just like anyone else. It’s not that professionals (doctors, lawyers, PR) can’t advertise and market themselves but the way they go about it that can be a turn-off. If I were to auto-tweet this post 20+ times a week.. that’d be too much. I’m of a soft sell approach but figured once in a while – thanks to a lot of the posts I linked – I need to get over it and set that OPEN sign to neon already. 😉 FWIW.

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