Super Sunday: Are you ready for some… Advertising!

Super Bowl Sunday is big money. Parties, hotels big boon for the hosting city, with Dallas owner Jerry Jones hoping for a record-setting crowd. But who cares about the game?


Advertising hits the major leagues, big time global brands promoting their names and products to billions around the world. When it’s over there will be winners, losers, consumers replaying their favorites on YouTube to their heart’s content.

One size fits all.

No point in promoting a niche product, a service that only 1 in 10 people can use. That’s not the demographic. At up to $100K per second, Super Bowl advertisers need to hawk their wares to anyone with a wallet. Think drinks, foods, toiler paper. Shit EVERYONE buys and uses.

Boring is a fumble, funny brings it to the house.

The crap you zap on your DVR needs to stay on the bench. Potato chips, beer, know how to get in the game. Think SportsCenter and Anheuser-Busch, Dos Equis as beer commercials bring the funny. Who will be this year’s Betty White? I’ve heard the rumors, but please no Bieber.

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Keep it simple, stupid.

Apple made an impression with the famous 1984 ad but it’s 2011. Beer-sotted sports fans and party goers don’t want to think too hard, so ads that dish it right over the plate – to mix my sports metaphors – hit the home run.

Monday morning takeaways for small business:

Ready, aim, target. If you’re a niche business, forget pricey print ads in the major daily paper. Think small, local or direct marketing to your referral network.

Stay in the game. Creativity always works. Make your blog posts, videos, ads something people want to read, watch and share.

Forget the trick plays. Don’t outthink yourself or fall for a new, shiny object. Stick with what works, forget what doesn’t and look to the new tools to make the old ones work better. And vice versa.

Feel free to share your favorite ads in the comments on Monday, and please vote in the poll.

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9 thoughts on “Super Sunday: Are you ready for some… Advertising!

    1. Sorry Gini.. as Braves fan I know the pain well. I’m more interested in the ads but will probably be over it by half-time anyway. Already like a few ads, along with a few “Huh? THAT is the creative best?” or “WTH? They made yet another sequel to a crappy movie?” or “never heard of that” spots. I’m sure everyone will tweet the “best and worst” ads list all day tomorrow, we’ll see.

      1. So far, I like the Doritos one where the guy licked his colleague’s fingers. I LOL’d!

        1. And see, I went ”eeewwwww” .. but then laughed anyway. Also liked the one with the pug, the Audi and VW, but a few like AT&T and Hyundai just seemed ho-hum, nothing special.

    1. Marcus, Thanks.. nice to see I’m not the only non-Bieber fan. Not sure about the follow up, will depend on what happens Sunday and if I can make it work for my small biz audience. We’ll have to wait and see.

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