Happy Birthday, America!

Ah, holidays.. can make fodder for a blog post. (I’m learning.)

Marketing a Holiday

Crass commercialization aside, holidays give you an opportunity to reach out to your customers.

someecards.com - Independence Day reminds me how fortunate we are to live in a country that eschews violent street protests in favor of snarky blog commentary

  • Special newsletters, postcard greeting, email campaign, phone or Skype call to check in before someone goes away on holiday break.
  • Seasonal pricing, summer deals, unique products only available this time of year.
  • Are there routine service calls that could be scheduled? Time for a review or update? Promote a mid-year check up.

The Long Weekend

Don’t you just love these?

This Fourth of July weekend is a great excuse to turn of the iToys and celebrate your digital independence for a few days. Enjoy your cookouts and ballgames, beaches and lakes. Maybe wave some flags, go see some big blockbuster (no scratch that, this one looks worse that the last), ooh and ahh at some fireworks.. pretty.

And for those tough enough to brave the Peachtree Road Race on Monday, I’ll think highly of you as I sleep late that morning. FWIW.

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12 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, America!

    1. Unplugging isn’t a rule Kaarina, plenty of folks including myself have trouble cutting the cord all together. I didn’t stay totally offline, I read news, email other stuff… just didn’t tweet or comment for a few days. 😉

    1. Ok Marcus, so I peeked and came online a little.. but I’ve been researching some vacay options for later this summer if that makes it better. 😉 Summers are good for movies, Super 8 was good, I liked the X-Men redo.. will go check out more I’m sure. Happy 4th.

    1. Hee. My ‘weird’ post ended up generating a lot of answers; think it’s a blogging thing, just ask questions, get some answers and see where the discussion leads. Very smart Jack.. and thanks.

  1. Sleeping in? What’s that? My son a/k/a The Human Alarm Clock wakes Mommy at pretty ungodly hours (before six some days)

    Will I tweet? Probably. Unless my boyfriend has me “unplug” which he does to me from time to time. It really sucks that I get up and check Twitter in the middle of the night. (sigh)

    Happy 4th Davina.
    Nancy Davis recently posted..It Is Not About You

    1. Sleeping ‘in’ will vary.. and for a night person like myself, it’s a total treat Nancy to catch up on some much needed rest. Tweeting.. I’ll check maybe later tonight.. sneak a look here and there but really.. I’m fine taking a little break. Enjoy your weekend.

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