Google+. One network to rule them all?

I used to think that what Facebook was doing ‘wrong’ was not giving people more control over their audiences, what they share with whom.

Is Twitter random?

I agree with most of Mitch Joel’s points on Twitter, but for the reason that Twitter is [not] random. People use Twitter for:

  • Easy IM chatting tool with friends, share Tumblr posts.
  • Lifestream to anyone or no one listening, except us slimy marketers of course.
  • Business pros like to connect with other like-minded professionals, quickly and simply.
  • Marketers want to pimp their wares and spammers want to give me free iPads and cheap Viagra. - I can't wait for Google Plus to reunite me with everyone I blocked on Facebook.I have a personal Twitter account that is interest-specific. Some nice friendships have developed as my friends and I chat, get to know each other. My 3HatsComm about is about networking with peers and potential clients. Nothing random about them.

Facebook is the reunion

Tisha Berg wrote something to that effect in a comment. Once the initial rush of connecting with old school chums, far flung family members, the fervor dies down. Fun to play your BFFs in some games, but after a while it’s about you: where you’ve been, posting what your kids are doing. Look at me.

When you open up Facebook to ‘Friend’ anyone – unless you put them in a List via the labyrinth of privacy settings – you run this risk of your boss seeing that nekid keg stand picture your idiot roommate from sophomore year decided to upload and tag. Beyond the embarrassing and career damaging, there’s the irrelevant… too many updates that have nothing to do with what interests me right now.

Google+ tries to Circle the ‘problem’

In creating its network Google counters the Facebook List with a Circle. The concept – other than to attract folks to its cloud and gather data to perfect search, sell ads – I think is to give me control so I can:

  1. Write any old thing I want to share with anyone.
  2. Post the ‘hey look at my EPIC World Changing blog’ link for everyone to ignore at their leisure.
  3. Maybe chat up with friends about my favorite TV shows with only those people on that page or hangout having access, other personal and professional connections being none the wiser that that’s really how I spend my time. 🙂 Emoticon for accessory. Or not:
  4. Share the ‘cruising vacation wackiness photos’ with the few friends I trust enough not to rebroadcast or tag it, with privacy settings that mean it’s not findable anywhere else. – HA! Believe that, I have THE real estate deal for you; there’s a big SHARE link under everything.

Different is good - Google Plus reminds me of my job in that I have no idea why I'm there or what I'm doing
I do this already, separate work (LinkedIn, Twitter) from play (Facebook, other Twitter).

Google+ is very nice, but I’m not using it differently. Yet. First thing I did was create a Twitter-Business-Blogging friends circle. When it’s more open to the general public (see also, everyone else I know – none of whom give a rat’s ass about being ‘social’) I’ll still have different circles.

What’s still missing?

If it’s not the networks that are broken, then it’s the way I use them? Or rather the way I think of using them. TEHO. We’ll always use these our own ways, so what I may want to filter may not matter in any way to others. I’ve already liked how I’ve used G+ for some discussion, how it’s not being programmed or gamed – yet; just curious about control, what will be searchable and shareable to others, not to mention what happens when the API opens up as it evolves.

Are you using social networks differently? Do we need ONE network to rule them all?

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15 thoughts on “Google+. One network to rule them all?

    1. Thanks Suzanne. Think the jury may still be out on connections, there’s not much reach/breadth. And as for SEO, they’re kinda gaming their own system; yes it has benefits, but again.. wait n see.

  1. I was never a big-time Facebook user. I got pressured into joining by my 20-year-old sister so I could chat with her and share photos. Now, I think I have about 50 friends–mostly family. I guess we’ve just accepted that Facebook is where the Worley family communicates and shares photos, information, etc. And I reluctantly accept it if I want to stay in touch with my uncles and cousins. I suppose I like a few companies, but I’m very likely to unlike them if a notice that my stream is a mess. Anyway, I do keep a tight reign on FB and I just have an account for myself–no business page or anything. It’s just me.

    I definitely prefer to chat 1 on 1 on Twitter, and I’m really enjoying the Twitter Chats I’ve participated in. Google+ gives me more options for having a group discussion, but Twitter still rules for 1 on 1. So now, I’m feeling like I can keep my family in FB, keep my business contacts and online friends in Google+ and Twitter, depending on needs

    So, I guess I’m saying: Facebook for family and Google+ & Twitter for business relationships and online friendships.
    Marianne Worley recently posted..What is Social Media Friendship?

    1. See also my comment to Marcus, about the pictures. I joined so I don’t have to keep up w/ people’s ever-changing email addresses, and yes see what they’ve been up to. I have ‘likes’ to show a profile since I really don’t share too much about myself. My life is pretty routine and boring, unless I’m on vacation of course. 😉 I get tired of thinking about work, so that’s the last thing I want to share and discuss sometimes.. with that audience.

      Now of course I talk shop all the time on Twitter, w/ a like-minded audience as part of marketing and networking. And I am getting to know people, mixing it up a little bit on G+. I just think the separation works; sometimes yes I may think the same thing is interesting or relevant to all audiences, but that tends to be the exception. Thanks for your thoughts.

  2. I have a personal Twitter account that is interest-specific. Some nice friendships have developed as my friends and I chat, get to know each other. So what are you saying? What friend or almost friend list did I make? Is the really good stuff on the other site?

    LinkedIn and Google +; I’m on both, but in presence only. One of these days I will get more strategic with both and start figuring out the functionality. You probably know by now, I’m a much better ‘just show up’ kind of guy always mooching the beer and food.

    Maybe I’ll let you tell me what I should be doing……….

    Happy Friday.
    Bill Dorman recently posted..You can hide but you can’t blog

    1. You’d be bored to tears and/or think I was a 19-year-old girl who’s TV and movie obsessed, gripes about anything, hates work, etc. if you followed me. 🙂 It’s just for fun.. that’s the thing Bill, come football season if I were to really mix it up w/ fans I’d run the risk of offending, alienating followers being the ‘real’ me as I curse that call or talk smack.

      I used to be more strategic w/ LI and need to try again. G+ I am learning, but I think I’ll be getting to a place where I use it ‘differently’ enough w/ those circles. IDK As someone who’s a naturally private and shy person, ‘social’ has been the hardest part for me, esp. mixing w/ biz as that’s what I was advised against my whole life. Remember Moonstruck? “Don’t shit where you eat.”

      Nothing wrong with observing, soaking up as much info, booze and food as you can. Like anything, it’s about your strategy and what you want to accomplish for your blog, your biz. Right now G+ strategy is somewhat dictated by those one it – ‘us’ the early-adopting, social types. As more of our offline connections join, I think it may change. FWIW.

  3. I still find myself untagging pix of me on Facebook. Some of my friends need to get smacked two or three times for uploading crap we did when we were twenty. I don’t need people to see those shots.

    I like G+ and I know that it is not devoid of people because John and I usually check in with each other at least once a day there. That takes care of all of the important people. 😉

    On a serious note I am trying to make better use of my time and I am slowly phasing out Facebook. I won’t give it up completely- it is too big and I find some value there. I just don’t see it providing as much as some of the others.
    Jack @ TheJackB recently posted..Shakespeare & the Blogosphere: Of Idiots, Scallywags, and Scoundrels

    1. I think I am self-centered Jack; the constant kid updates and gripes about someone’s job and relationships … they don’t interest me. I’ll peak in once in a while but FB just isn’t me, probably b/c my life isn’t interesting enough to broadcast. Anyway.. I just think FB it’s the people that are the connection whereas Twitter and now Google+ … what’s connecting me with others is interest, what interests me right now be it business or travel or TV.

      I too have friends who post and tag inappropriate stuff of me and themselves; it’s why my business/social friends are on a blocked list some hopefully they can’t see anything.. I am spooked someone will find out the truth that I’m totally clueless, have no idea WTH I am doing. 😉 Which also makes me nervous on G+.. think I’ll have to do some SHARE experiments and see what happens. Thanks.

  4. Hi Davina,
    Well yep G+ is here and we are all having a test ride. I like it and what I really like is hwo your profile can bring all your online content together, allowing you to list your entire digital footprint.
    I must say I have been neglecting FB and spending too much time on G+, which is silly because ‘nobody’ is on G+ and FB is still where it’s at. But that the rate they are growing I wouldn’t be surprised they rival or take over FB soon.
    For Wine I Will and literally this opinion and 99c will get you a cup of coffee 🙂
    John Falchetto recently posted..Should I stay or should I go?

    1. I spent 10 minutes on FB this morning b/c I neglect it so badly. Yes it’s b/c I’m more interested in work these days (hence more time on Twitter), but I do like to see friends’ new baby pics once in a while. I’m just bad at FB.. the everyday goings-on of my life bore the crap out of me John, see no reason to share them w/ the world and bore old school friends to tears. 😉

      Whenever someone says we ‘must do social’ I counter I have more personal friends who aren’t. Google+ may lure some out of the woodwork, but I think that’s further down the road. In a soloPR chat, someone quipped “we’re not normal people” or whatever… it’s so true; regular folks aren’t ‘into’ social the way many of us are.

      As to my G+ test drive, that SHARE button under everything makes me nervous. I’ll really want to see what happens if I upload a picture to ONLY friends circle or a rant only with a couple people.. will they be able to repost that to any and everyone??? Time will tell.. as we enjoy our wine. Thx.

    2. Figured I would reply to John’s comment. I am very curious what the adoption rate will be when Google opens up G+ to the public. It is extremely skewed towards tech/early adopter types now. For an experiment, I offered six of my closest RL friends invitations (all of whom are active on FB), none were interested. I am going to be seeing them all soon, and am curious to discuss with them.

      My question: Will a better product (which I think most people agree G+ is) get people with jobs and kids to start over on another social network? I wonder. I think it will be a hard sell for many. I think the next phase is the real test for G+. And we can’t forget, FB will be working to adapt its features to match/beat G+ before people move.

      That being said, I hope everyone I know moves. I love G+
      Adam recently posted..Google+ and The Illusion of Privacy

      1. I’m enjoying G+ Adam, probably b/c I am using it as I would FB if I also used FB for business. I am asking quick questions that aren’t exactly like a blog post, discussing different topics, etc. And in so doing, I’ve discovered the same problem: lack of privacy.

        I don’t want to spam and/or be muted by friends who think it’s all I do, talk about my biz, SM, etc. I also don’t want the business friends seeing all the personal, hobby fun stuff and start wondering if all I do is plan my next vacation. (Uh, kinda. ;-)) Until G+ gives more privacy than the Circle, I am not sure it will be better for all. I send a DM yesterday as a test and that person was able – w/ warning – to hit that SHARE button with everyone. So essentially anyone can see anything.

        FB may be adapting – which could lead to improvements – but here’s another thing, fodder from a blog draft to probably run soon: most of my offline friends and family don’t know or care of it b/c most of them have no interest in ‘social.’ The few on FB just play, ignore brands and marketing.

        Speaking of changes.. what happens when G+ gets gamed? When the API is opened and it can now be programmed, automated, synced to cross-post w/ Twitter and FB and scheduled updates, etc. One of the big things I think everyone likes is right now: it’s A) small, meaning you have a shot at being noticed by the BIG names and B) it feels real and ‘personal’ and that’s b/c .. it’s live, it’s real-time, non-programmed for Klout or whatever. JMHO.. thanks for your thoughts.

      2. Great points Adam, I think you summed it up perfectly man.

        I think there will always be hold outs. A mass exodus of gabillions of people from FB is simply not going to happen. There will be uses for each. We’ve just got to be open to them both and ignore neither. I believe that’s the key.

        Good thoughts here Davina. 🙂

        Marcus Sheridan-The Sales Lion recently posted..The Indescribable Commitment and Marriage that is Blogging

        1. Agree.. it’ll take something truly better for everyone to either jump ship or start being social. G+ has simplicity but then it lacks the games, other things that are part of the attraction of FB. If it was better integrated w/ other Google products (one-click to sync or import your YouTube vids, Flickr pics) it may have appeal to some.

          IDK I am waiting until it gets its Extreme Marketing Makeover, until the API opens to every mobile gaming annoying spammy update blah blah. I think everyone is on Social Overload, so wary of disclosing too much that they’re just burnt out. FWIW.

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