Who’s Minding the Store? Vacation and the Solo Pro

You run a small business or are a solo practitioner, lawyer or PR pro like myself, there are times you’ll be out of the office. Happens.

Small business owners need breaks and vacations like anyone else, maybe even more. We all know the recooperative benefits of vacation: you unplug, unwind, let your hair down and do nekid keg stands with random strangers, and hope no one drunk and dials, slaps the photos on Facebook. Ahem.

I’m going on vacation next week and have already thought about it, how I’ll disconnect from the world. I’ll go into technology withdrawal and hit DTs by the 2nd day, so a mid week email check is my standard M.O., but it’ll also be good to be off the Twitters and Interwebs for a while.

Fast Company has good advice for executives taking vacations, applies to anyone. Here’s my advice for a Solo PR taking much deserved vacation time:

Mind the Store

  • Prepare. I’ve already let clients know my schedule, advanced projects to give them things to review while I’m gone so that nothing gets delayed. Double checked all the calendars and deadlines, making sure I am covered.
  • Delegate. I have a design colleague who can step in for emergencies while I am gone. Maybe it is a virtual assistant or intern but assign a go-to person if you can, or give an employee a chance to shine.
  • Email. Turned off a few subscriptions and alerts and set my auto responder, to reply only once per address (hopefully), so I’m not some idjit who does it wrong.
  • Social Media. Should you maintain presence in social media in case the stalkers miss you? YMMV.
    • Twitter. I’ve decided a placeholder tweet will do, a simple announcement that I’m off the Twitters.
    • Blog. I’ve arranged for a guest post but if that didn’t work out, I’d have just announced a haitus a la John Stossel’s blog. Luckily for YOU dear readers, the fantabulous Jenn Whinnem will be stepping in for me. Look forward to reading what she has to share, as she brings the guest blogging awesomesauce. Play nice kids.

A little prior planning and preparation will make your vacation more relaxing, so you’re not worrying about things back at the store. That and lots of umbrella cocktails. Later!

Photo credit: National Lampoon’s Vacation. © 1983 Warner Bros. For a nice breakdown of the illustration, check out this post.

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6 thoughts on “Who’s Minding the Store? Vacation and the Solo Pro

  1. Just discovered your blog, Davina! Love your sense of humor. It comes through your writing!!

    Enjoy your unplugged vacation, and let us know if you indeed make it through the week without checking Twitter one time. My money says you won’t make it — you’re being a PR pro and all. But I’m rooting for you! (I would imagine it’s much like quitting smoking. What will you do with your hands?)

    Man, I need an unplugged vacation. I just don’t think I’d be able to do it!

    Michelle for New England Multimedia
    Michelle Quillin recently posted..10 Hard-Hitting Questions to Ask a Social Media Intern

    1. You won your bet Michelle. Walked into a shopping center with Internet access, pretty iMacs…. was told I broke out into a sprint running. In my defense, it has been 5 days already… so a quick email check and reply here isn’t too bad. Plus we have weather issues so had to forego the pretty water today, which means we’ll just have to drink more Margaritas 😉

      Glad you like my blog, appreciate my sense of humor. Thanks for your comment.

  2. OK, I can’t freaking believe this. I wrote this same post last night based on the Fast Company tidbit you reference above. This is getting just a little bit too close for comfort, Lady!

    So, get out of my head! Quit tapping the reading I’m doing and getting there first! Where’s the “new” in blogging? GONE! So, quick get on holiday so I can post first. You enjoy and don’t come back now, hear?

    1. Jayme, First, I am not stalking you (though I will go over your post, to see what I missed). Second, do not underestimate my mind reading powers. I leave on Saturday, WOOT, so the Interwebs and Blogosphere are yours all week. 😉

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