An EIEIO for Social Media

What we learn as kids sticks with us, right? Look both ways. It’s good to share. Old MacDonald had a farm.

Bill Seaver, who knows from blog content, posted over on Social Media Examiner that I could learn social media from Old MacDonald, and I have to agree. His five EIEIO benchmarks for compelling content that earns attention:

  • E – Entertain.
  • I – Inspire.
  • E – Educate.
  • I – Inform.
  • O – Outrage.

Educate and inform may be a little redundant, but this is great advice for creating content. The more your Twitter, Facebook and YouTube content fit these criteria, the better it’ll be at earning attention of your community by offering real value.

I love stealing good ideas

Taking it beyond content creation, here’s my E-I-E-I-O of social media.

  • E is for Engage. Without engagement, participation from others there isn’t much point. It’s static, it’s broadcasting not social. I comment on more blogs than my own, tweet, participate in LinkedIn groups and yet, it’s not enough. There are more opportunities out there, to connect and engage with others, potential clients and colleagues, other people.
  • I as in Include. It’s a community, not a country club. Social media should not about excluding others but including different points of view, other perspectives. There are tons of great blogs and bloggers out there, so I’m grateful when a Redhead Writing crosses my path.
  • E can also Encourage. We’re part of an online community and everyone needs a little motivation, support and encouragement now and then. Share, post, comment, retweet. Take the time to find and recognize a lesser known, but no less talented bloggers. I think my twitter feed reflects that, as I’m as likely to share something by a Neicole Crepeau as a Chris Brogan.
  • I for Initiate. Don’t wait for others, start something. Ask a question, share it, start that blog or post that video. Seeing a need for a Small to Medium Business group, Jayme Soulati and others have launched SMB Collective, complete with Twitter chat and more.
  • O for Open. Open APIs, open forums, open up to others, other ideas, open to your own crazy ideas, your own creations. Open the box, see what’s inside.

For my next trick I’ll put it all together, make it work and take over my corner of the social media and PR world.

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12 thoughts on “An EIEIO for Social Media

  1. Hi Davina
    Saw you commenting on Karen’s guest post at commentluv and thought I would come check out your blog. So glad I did. I love your writing style and the content for this post too 🙂
    Will be back to read more cos as a newbie blogger like to meet other bloggers and learn. And I love Twitter. Thanks for sharing.
    Patricia Perth Australia
    Patricia@lavenderuses recently posted..Lavender Products:cheap but not so cheerful

    1. I’m glad you stopped by, enjoyed the post. I wish I had more time to read, comment on other posts, meet new bloggers. Looking forward to seeing what you have to share. Thanks for adding your comment.

    1. Bill, I’m all for stealing people’s ideas, running with them in new ways ;-). I liked your E-I-E-I-O concept, thought it was smart advice for small businesses–all businesses really–for creating content that earns attention. I wanted to expand on it, make it about essential social media practices that will earn relationships and community that we’re working to create. Thanks for the comment.

  2. I don’t know where I was yesterday to have missed being included in your great post, Davina! It’s been a wild ride launching a second blog and trying to keep both afloat. Thanks for the I for initiative, but I think I get an F for failure! Perhaps I can hold off a week as SMB Collective ( is 2 weeks old tomorrow.

    Thank you for your always support, banter and professional affirmation we’re doing something right!

    1. Jayme, I give you an A, it takes time and work to start something. Define success your own way, do it on your own terms. By those benchmarks, I think we’re doing something right.

      Yes it’s in my own selfish interests, evil plans and all 😉 to include engaged marketers and bloggers like yourself. Like Erika said, it IS about the community. I get a lot from reading your blogs, happy to share them. We learn from each other, that banter and support make a difference. Thanks for the comment.

    1. Erika, You’re welcome. I try to be open to things beyond the social media and PR “blah blah.” Including others with something different to say, always welcome.. even if it comes with a good Bitch Slap. 😉 Off to read your latest, thanks for the comment.

  3. I’m very grateful for your willingness to support others, Davina. And I feel the same way. You were one of the early commentors on my blog, and I’ve enjoyed watching your business and following grow since I’ve “met” you online. I’ve also appreciated your retweets and our interactions.

    Funny that you should mention that, too. I just wrote something similar yesterday, for an upcoming post. I judge people by their content, not their following, title, etc. Good work is good work! As you demonstrate regularly!
    Neicole Crepeau recently posted..Facebook’s new Groups are a FAIL

    1. Neicole, It IS funny as I’ve met so many (almost too many) supportive, giving and talented people since really diving into social media these past couple years. I feel guilty when I haven’t tweeted or commented on someone’s blog lately, but alas never enough time to hit them all. I agree with you, think good content and actions speak much more than the vanity numbers. Thanks for reading, sharing your comment.

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