I’m baaack! What’d I miss?

All work and no play makes for some cranky Twittering, right? I went on a vacation last week, had lots of fun and enjoyed a much-needed break from work. (Now I started drafting this blog post during some downtime but that was my silly choice.)

I get by with a little help…

Friends are the awesomest thing ever. Right after oxygen, the Internets and naps. I’m lucky to have a great network of professionals as part of my community to pinch-hit when needed.

  • This year I have met the fantabulous Jenn Whinnem who was kind enough to guest blog for me. She shared an interview with Steve Lettieri of Killer Minnow, a great social media success story for small business. You should read it. Really, read it now!
  • One of my go to colleagues is Kathryn Dawal another solo designer here in Atlanta with whom I’ve worked for years. At last count I owe her about five lunches. I have not needed her to step in with a project but so comforting to know she is there.

Falling back without falling behind


I felt a little cheated getting that “extra” hour of sleep whilst on vacation, but you know, umbrella cocktails made it better.

So that I wouldn’t stress about falling behind, I had my to do list set before I left, making sure there was someone to mind my Solo PR store. Blog, tweet, client projects. Check, check, check.

In Cozumel I found a nice shopping center with pretty iMacs just waiting for me. No line, no waiting, and free. I was told I broke the sound barrier running at them, but hey .. I made it five or six whole days without Internet!!! Like to see you do it. Anyhoodle … I caught up on emails, trashed a bunch of junk, replied to a few blog comments, that sort of thing.

Back at work

One of the biggest parts of my day is reading: blog posts, monitoring and tracking info for clients, following news, emails and pitches. No way to read everything I missed last week (listening to the PRapalooza podcast), so one of my first stops now that I’m back to the wired world has been checking a few of my favorite lists of the top PR and Social Media posts.

Anything else a must read from last week? Tell me.

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8 thoughts on “I’m baaack! What’d I miss?

  1. Yay for being back, Davina! You had fun with the palooza, eh? So did we. 🙂

    Jenn did a GREAT job of minding your store. And like Gini, I’m impressed with how much you caught up on in a day. I haven’t even gone anywhere and I’m still behind on my reading. Though perhaps I should just consider this the norm and then I won’t be behind, I’ll be ahead. That does make sense, right?
    Shonali Burke recently posted..Ten Reasons PR Pros Should Blog

    1. You give me too much credit Shonali. I’ve been speed reading, barely skimmed the surface of what I missed but have at least made an effort. I’ll look back here on any posts someone wants to share, otherwise I’m moving on to what’s new. And alas, still won’t be able to keep up. 😉

    1. I drank my fair share of umbrella drinks, but sadly you can’t bring those back through customs. Thanks again for the guest post, Jenn… really appreciate the support.

  2. Welcome back! I missed you…though I doubt you can say the same! I’m pretty impressed with how much you’ve gotten caught up today, alone. I think you’ve read at least four of my blog posts….and commented. And thanks for listening to PRapalooza. It was a blast to record. We’re thinking of taking it on the road. I’m gunning for color commentary.

    1. Of course I missed you and the Twitters and blogs, but it was great being cut off too; nothing like being “trapped” on a cruise 😉

      Been catching up most of today along with working on everything else. Lots of good stuff while I was gone but made much easier by visiting some of the list posts. Had the PR podcast on while reading, commenting on posts… think it’d make a good road show, but I think Danny could give you a run for the funny. Thanks for stopping by.

    1. Joe, Happy to mention it.. I made for good listening as cleared the Google reader and tried to catch up on a few of the blog posts and stories I missed from last week. Funny I really didn’t miss it while I was gone and yet it’s nice to be back, reconnect. Thanks for the comment.

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