I’ll tweet what I want. (AKA terrible career advice.)

Be careful on Twitter. Think before you post on social media. Career advice 101 that extends from social norms about not talking about politics, sex, religion, money in polite company. (And in my case, Facebook because I SHALL NOT GO THERE there. Ahem.)

I Blog: You’ve Been Warned. Hello, Twitter.

  • OUAT I didn’t tweet about lunch or weather or other “nonsense.” Mistake.
  • Later I revisited my Twitter rules and not sure WTH my issue was with lunch? I’m happily sharing the food porn these days.
  • Always so careful on Twitter to censor myself, not let slip my personal feelings or beliefs and I’m just not feeling that anymore.

I’m liking, retweeting and even commenting on news, on politics, on snooze and hot button topics alike. WHY? Because it matters. Because WYSIWYG.

careful on Twitter
Or be social, be yourself, have fun. Just be careful about it and you know, not a jerk.

Social Media: The Ultimate HR Screening Tool

I share many ‘this social media post got this person fired’ stories – because while you can post what you want online, well let’s just type there are good reasons why every company needs a social media policy.

I’ve always been real, honest, social – while strategically filtering my professional persona for fear of getting fired, of getting NOT hired.

As Harvard rescinds acceptance letters, I’m throwing a little caution to the winds of transparency. If a picture of me with a glass of wine in hand posted to Instagram – at a business event, gasp! –  is so offensive as to prevent my hiring, it’s probably a place I wouldn’t want to work anyway.

By that logic, if my being less careful on Twitter is a problem for followers or HR recruiters or hiring managers, so be it. This career switching (to HR and internal communications, I hope) candidate invites my dream job hiring boss to screen away – I’ll have less to hide.

Are you filtering and screening yourself on Twitter and SM? Is there a balance, a mix that’s working best for you? Let’s talk.

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