Expectations Miss the Mark

Some things are odd, lately Expectations top that list. Had a lot of wants and wishes, and what was planned… let’s just say, very much not how things turned out.

A Customer Goes Into the Wrong Door…

Imagine a business where the customer isn’t really there for the service or product provided by that business.
what-did-you-expect_o_751563-300x183Imagine people that take a Caribbean cruise but don’t like sun and beaches. Or they don’t like friendly passengers or open dining seating or so many things that are cruise standard. They want adult only, yet book a family cruise line, during a school break.

So they send funny cruise complaints to the unofficial blogger at Carnival, who has to answer for weather and not buying insurance and many other SOPs.

People go to doctors for a quick Rx of a wonder pill that will fix this side effect of that other pill that’s supposed to be treating some other problem. Do the work to actually get better (diet, exercise, sleep and other things healthy) and no, there’s gotta be a pill for that too.

Read through any TripAdvisor or Yelp pans and you’ll see a plethora of ridiculous ‘what were they thinking?! that’s not that kind of place’ reviews.

Think of going to a hair salon to get your taxes done. I exaggerate but it’s often how I’ve felt during my career as an business consultant. People walk in asking for one thing yet it’s something completely different they really want. [What they really need – that’s a whole other expectations vs communications battle right there.]

Always another..

Opportunities are supposed to be around every corner. I’ve pretty much handled every challenge (aka disguised opportunity) life has thrown my way on my own, even when the right decision was the hard decision of ‘giving up’ and letting go. The current challenge du jour – realigning my expectations without it feeling like lowering the bar yet again, then figuring out how to get there.

You? Any fun examples of mismatched expectations, do share.

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