Big Ideas, Small Package: Solo PR Summit Recap, Day 1

Table for One. Or a Hundred.

The quality and calibre of the content at the 2013 Solo PR Summit – Second. To. None.

One standout for this event for me was relevance: this wasn’t pie-in-the-sky luxury available only to global brands, these concepts are scalable to many of the small and medium businesses we advise. Even more, much of what was presented – the need to be nimble, flexible, adaptable; the focus and human touch – cuts both ways.

Wish You Had Been There

After fearless leader Kellye Crane kicked things off, we got two days of smart, insightful and best of all, take-this-home-and-actually-USE-it! presentations.

Personal Branding. Even though I’m not a big fan of the term, Amanda Littlejohn and Mary Ellen Miller brought it home. Key takeaways:

  • Professional means just that. Think professional – doesn’t mean boring, stuck-in-the-mud stiff! – headshot, social profiles, brand image.
  • Website, blogs and branded, professional business email address.
  • ” Waiting to build your personal brand until you need it is like waiting until you’re cold to build a fire.” – Kevin Dugan


Online meets Offline. Great collab with Arik Hanson and Heather Whaling, showing how this is works together. Key takeaways:

  • It’s not about traditional vs. digital; it’s about how those can layer, build and support each other – creating value.
  • Solve clients biggest problem: no time to keep up. Be resource, share info.
  • “Don’t tell, beg, or ask people to follow you/engage with your content, show them why they should.” – Lucas Miller

Proposal Secrets: Revealed. Love when I get a chance to know people better, this time it was Natalie Ghidotti. Key takeaways:

  • Creativity Works. It’s not about the boilerplate and formula; use visuals, match presentation and format to the client.
  • Start at the right place by asking the right questions – H/T to Mary Barber for great list of questions – in order to give them what they need (not just want they want).
  • I need to start watching Mad Men DVDs.

Learning from Biggest, Brightest, Bestest. Jeremy Porter, Definition 6/Journalistics; Aimee Ertley, Sage North America; Ashley Callahan, Coca-Cola; Candace McCaffery, Independent Consultant. Key takeaways:

  • Interesting case studies on the use of social, the rethinking of web, traditional and new media, convergence of content, CRM and more.
  • Solo or Independent isn’t limiting; much of this is scaleable, adaptable at the SMB level.
  • Think Different. There’s more than one way to tackle issue or position a client. “Any business can be interesting.” – Aimee Ertley

And that was just a half-day! So much was shared, this barely scratched the surface.. and one of the days I’ll get a handle on embedding these awesome tweets.

For a first-of-its-kind event, the Solo PR Summit really hit a home run. Big time all caps bold KUDOS to Kellye Crane for making this happen. Look for Solo PR Summit Day 2: Electric Boogaloo next week when we do the Harlem Shake and expose someone as a cheap hooker. Stay tuned.

What did you think of Day 1? Please share.

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4 thoughts on “Big Ideas, Small Package: Solo PR Summit Recap, Day 1

  1. Davina,

    I could not agree with you more… and it’s glad to hear you sharing the same sentiment.

    I thought I was enthralled as a newly launched solo pr, but in speaking with mature and seasoned solo pr….all were impressed.

    The BIGGEST take away for me is/was….. CONFIDENCE!

    Davina, as a local….hoping to stay connected! Let’s do lunch in the near future!

  2. Davina,

    I agree… the summit was sensational! I was captured instantly when Mel and Amanda kicked us off. I think they set the tone… and everyone thereafter followed.

    I gained so much valuable information useful to my professional growth as I kick-off here in Atlanta as a solo pr.

    Kelleye developed an outstanding line-up and I am definitely wiser having been there!

    1. This really doesn’t scratch the surface – and Day 2 is taking forever to recap. I follow and read and study a lot, and still learned so much. One of the biggest was that boost of confidence to get the work, get paid what it’s worth. Now to find where those clients are hiding. 🙂

      Best of luck to you Cier, hope to see you around.

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