New Old Friends and Missed Connections: SoSlam 2012

Tom Webster learned about dealing with presentation failure. Rosemary O’Neill found several pearls of wisdom, and Jenn found many to be ‘profit agnositic.’ Kristen Daukus was impressed by the ladies at SoSlam – because they rocked.

Social Slam 2012 

Honestly, I didn’t ‘learn’ that much I didn’t know at SoSlam. Yes I loved Tom’s talk on numbers, Mitch Joel’s presentation on sex with data, and am still on a caffeine high after Marcus Sheridan blew the doors off the place. And the buildings two blocks over.

But this is what I’ve been living, breathing, working for years. As I told Jayme in my totally unprepared, on-the-spot interview – ahem – I shoulda sent clients instead.

SoSlam was a great event – and the business owners and managers are the one’s who needed to hear about what social media can do, how it fits into the communications and marketing and PR strategy.

People who need people

We’re so lucky right? I know people in Germany and Australia – that I can ‘talk’ to all the time – and how freaking cool is that?! My biggest takeaway from SoSlam: Connections.

TUS (The Usual Suspects)

Nary a week goes by that don’t at least chat with some of my long time Twitter and blogging friends. Nice to get see Bones-look-alike Gini Dietrich, Marcus, Mark “Return on Influence” Schaeffer and Adam Toporek in person again. Jayme Soulati and Jenn Whinnem – live and in technicolor – worth the price of admission right there.

New Old friends

Look, it’s Sean McGinnis. Stanford Smith. Billy Delaney. Sam Fiorella. Hey, I know you guys! Jon ‘not from Culture Club’ Moss. Brian Vickery. Had a nice time walking through Knoxville, chatting with Anthony Rodriguez and Marisa Peacock over dinner. Laura ClickMary Ellen Miller, Solo PR FTW!!! Patty Swisher, it IS like meeting long-time (who you callin old?!) friends.

Unlike the Craiglist we hope never hook up, there were some missed connectons.

Barely had a chance to say more than ‘hello’ to Lynsay Caylor, Amy Kenly, Stephaine Wonderlin. Eric Pratum, DJ Waldow, Anne Gallaher. Jay Baer, Mitch Joel, Amy Howell. And many, many more. (If I didn’t list you, feel free to give me grief.)

This is SOCIAL

Forgive the name-dropping and linking abuse but that’s the point: Social is People.

Businesses don’t hire or design or build or market, the people who work there do. Keywords don’t write blog posts and comments, people do. Brands don’t develop marketing strategies, people do. Behind the polished avatars and cleverly crafted blog posts are real people.

Companies need to realize their humanity, their people are their greatest assets. Businesses, big and small, will see the most returns from social media marketing when they embrace that it’s all about the people.

Oh I learned that an iPad stylus is the new swag bag pen and I got to eat lunch with Margie Clayman. FWIW.


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12 thoughts on “New Old Friends and Missed Connections: SoSlam 2012

  1. Just catching up on blogs now Davina – it was great to meet you too! Fellow foodies are always welcome at my table, to say nothing of your ability to find the most-fun-named-beverages on the menu. What was that, Velvet Devil? Heck yes.

    1. We foodies gotta stick together for sure.. nice, the stuff we have in common. And whenever I end up at the Waffle House, I’ll think of you. 🙂

    1. Sure you’ll make a lot of connections Craig, and if Marcus is even half as pumped as he was wrapping up at SoSlam.. you’ll be on a caffiene buzz for days. 🙂

    1. It’s nice .. and it’s about the people so it really does feel like running into ‘old’ friends, even someone you meet for the first time. Great seeing you again Marcus. 🙂

  2. Oh, I so love this post. But, where are all the photos, please? There’s about 4 of you I can add here, and if I don’t have them @JennWhinnem does! Wasn’t it fun? Still thinking; still noodling about what’s next and where I go.

    Or, how do we parlay this into business? That’s where I’m at.

    So loved seeing you and this should be an annual occasion so we can keep up with the Joneses.
    Jayme Soulati recently posted..Soulati Media On The Street With Shane Rhyne, Ackermann PR

    1. I didn’t take any pictures — I thought of linking to Jenn’s Google+ page, but didn’t (wonder if I should add it??); many of the posts I’ve linked to have pics. And I don’t want pictures of me Jayme – scare away the fishes. 😉

      How do we get business? From this crowd, referrals. And honestly — following some other advice — NOT going to things like this. That’s another reason I joked about sending clients, why I’m not so interested in other professional development type conferences. They may teach me something, but my goal is to grow my business. So I’ll continue going to SBA and Chamber meetings, business EXPOs — places I’m more likely to find biting fish. FWIW.

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