If it’s too loud, I’m too old

Background music is supposed to be that, in the background. But everyone who wants to ‘entertain’ me – ball games, restaurants, cruises, etc. – blares it too loud for my taste.

Guess I am old

I’ve hit the point when I watch games on mute because the sounds of the stadium are too loud. I can’t hear the commentary or really follow the game. You’d think TV producers would learn to turn down the ‘ambient’ background mics when their pundits are blathering.

Noise-Pollution print

I just kinda hate ‘noise.’

I turn down the TV during action moments when the sound effects for punches, explosions, car crashes are at eardrum bursting levels. (Then there’s the dialogue I can barely hear and I’m tempted to turn on the closed captioning.)

The “Serenity” deck on the lovely Carnival Dream was anything but. Designed to be outside the spa, alas it is also adjacent to the open lido deck pool and water park. Science lesson: sound travels, even over ‘noise-reducing’ earbuds. This adult only retreat is better on older refurbed ships, where it’s more isolated. And I can hear my music – or nothing except the water and the slurping of my frosty beverage.

WTH does this have to do with marketing or PR?

Many business are too noisy with their marketing and sloppy social media: endless tweet streams, Facebook alerts that never shut up; sinful public relations that hypes the wrong messages or sends off-target pitches shotgun-style; emails polluting our inboxes with spam; and my personal peeve, automated sound or music when I get to the website.

It’s noise pretending to be of value, faking it as ‘content.’

Would you notice if the marketing volume was turned down? Would it make a difference?

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8 thoughts on “If it’s too loud, I’m too old

  1. That’s what my kids tell me, if I think it’s too loud then I’m too old……….:).

    There is a lot of ‘noise’ pollution and it appears most think you just have to shout louder to get heard. I think you just start blending in at that point and nobody tends to notice; maybe the silence is what will get you heard.

    Geaux Tigers; I know you were sweating it in the 1st half but that seems to be their MO this year. They must be a team of destiny………just like that other Tiger team from last year.
    Bill Dorman recently posted..Is it time to change your membership

    1. Exactly Bill, the restaurant or band plays music. But then everyone talks over it (rudely at times) so then they play it louder, then people talk louder. A lot of noise, no one gets heard. See also, too much of what passes for marketing and social media these days.

      G-E-A-U-X Tigers!!!! Scary following a 2nd half team, just one game to go. 🙂

    1. You watch commercials? That’s what DVRs and timeshifting are for. 😉 Commercials have gotten way too loud Neicole.. which is why I notice the better, subtle ads and prefer them to the ‘in your face screaming’ hard sell.

      And it makes me think of now, the holiday marketing blitzkreig. It’s more noise, louder volume – but it’s not really ‘more’ in terms of content, engagement, or even marketing strategy. It’s mass over niche, shotgun over targeting. FWIW.

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