Do you know where your comments are?

I miss the Backtype (bought by Twitter) Connect profiles that worked so nicely with the My Comments Elsewhere plug-in. It was a great way to show your audience exactly what blogs you were not only reading, but upon which you were taking the time to comment.

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Even though I’m on a comment diet I try to be a good commenter. I love comments.. they’re the Shiz, the Cheese Dip, an essential ingredient in blogging and social media networking.

One of the things I do like about Disqus and Livefyre comment systems, they save my comments.

Suggestion: I wish they were searchable, more linkable. Wish there was an easier way to import those comments, reblog those without having to maybe clip the screen via something like Skitch (still learning) or just pasting, linking.

What did I say again?

Anyone commented on Klout lately? See what I mean, you either have to copy & paste what you said elsewhere or start all over, and if you’re like me, starts to feel like you’re repeating yourself.

Discussions evolve, conversations move forward. As we read, share and comment, our thoughts develop and circle back on our own blogs. Some kind of feature that would allow me to find what I’ve said, make it easier to bring those points into my own WordPress blog would be dreamy. Here’s hope the plugin developers are listening.

Tools for the trade

Yes we’re all talking to ourselves, probably need to spend less time discussing social media and more time actually marketing, being social, venturing out of the echo chamber. I’m learning to tools like Evernote, Skitch – and on the lookout for what’ll make be a better, badder, more bionic blogger.

For bloggers who spend a lot of time engaging and commenting, do you know where your comments are? Do you care?

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11 thoughts on “Do you know where your comments are?

  1. I know, right? I’m still learning Livefyre’s strengths and weaknesses myself, but I’d really appreciate having an easy way to find a comment. You in particular oughtta have some way to show off your networking prowess via comments. I know I haven’t done a fraction the amount of blog chatting you have, but there are some comments I’m PROUD of, dang it, and some I really wish I’d saved for THIS post, and comments I remember from someone else a while back at another blog that really shaped my opinion on what I read yesterday… Sigh.
    Shakirah Dawud recently posted..Is Your USP Tangible Or Intangible?

    1. Glad to know it’s not just me; I too have left some really good or epic, or epically good comments. 😉 Be nice to have an easier way to keep track, share. Discussions here and other places, they’ve kept me thinking and it’d be nice to give proper credit. FWIW.

  2. Hi Davina,

    DISQUS records the comments you have made and where you have made them. It makes it pretty easy to follow conversations. The thing about the blogosphere is that we have a short memory here so after a day or two the conversation usually dies and moves on.

    It obviously doesn’t have to be like that but it seems to be how it goes with most conversations. I suppose the question is whether we feel those merit another look and how to effectively push that along.
    Jack recently posted..Are You A 21st Century Father

    1. I’ve linked to other comments Jack, say when we get a heated discussion going about whatever – someone will post a comment that makes me THINK. So I take that ball and run with it, making sure to credit the original source, but it is hard sometimes to track that down.

      Think you’re right about the short shelf life; unless it’s a hot button topic, the discussion tends to die out quicker while the more contentious stuff gets a few reblogs as the folks mix it up. FWIW.

    1. Shiznits, I will find a way to use that one sir. And take all the credit. 🙂 Some posts spark great comments, worthy of their own posts. I’m lazy, would just welcome an easier way to bring that conversation forward. FWIW.

    1. I don’t know, I’m a weird one who remembers conversations Bill. One of my BFFs gets so tickled by it, I’ll be like ‘we talked about that last week, when you said X’ and she’s like ‘wha? I don’t remember 5 minutes ago.’ Guess the dweeb in me just likes to remember what I said, so I don’t say it again later.. especially if it was really dumb. 😉

  3. You know I’ve talked a lot about the comment thing in recent months Davina.I enjoy interaction, and I enjoy smart people, but I enjoy more producing stuff that helps me get paid, if ya know what I mean. At the same rate though, relationships and networking can often times carry the day and make all the difference. It’s a tough balance, one I think we’re all likely trying to figure out.

    BTW, the “better, badder, more bionic blogger.” line was also the shiz. 😉

    Marcus Sheridan-The Sales Lion recently posted..Twitter: The Greatest Real-Time Feedback Tool in the History of the World

    1. I think I’m funny.. and ‘bigger, badder blogging’ means interaction, reach, etc. It also means stuff that helps me get paid, as in attracting clients or building a network that brings in referrals.

      I do get something out of all this social netWORKing. Comments are a part of it, the discussions often getting me thinking.. and drafting future ideas. It IS such a balancing act Marcus and as soon as we can patent and perfect it, get it to market – we can retire in style. 😉 FWIW.

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