A New Blog Post: Must Be Thursday

Any Buffy fans out there recognize that riff? Anyway, this little drabble is about blog scheduling.

The Time Table

“How often do you blog?”

It’s a question Ingrid Abboud just asked her community. Plus she is giving folks chance to pimp their blogs via hers. Go, read, comment, share your blog publishing schedule. (I’ll wait.)

(Oh, good you’re back.)

The other day Troy Claus blogged about consistency, the scheduling of his blog posts on MWF as a commitment to his readers. I get that.

Beginning of the year I made some pesky resolutions, one of which is to blog more often. It’s a commitment to myself as much as my readers and it HAS helped me stick to it, keep this blog thing going.

But as of 1:29 p.m. EDTΒ I still didn’t have anything written. What to do?

How can I possibly be expected to blog on a day like today?!

I just back from a couple quick errands and it’s nice outside. Sunny, blue skies, low humidity.. we might hit a ‘cool’ 80 here in Atlanta. Last thing I want to do really is be sitting at a keyboard. (Kicks whoever keeps winning my lotteries.)

Can’t take the day off but I do plan on sneaking out in a little while. (It’s free pint glass night at the beer pub and last time they ran out, so we’re getting there early.)

It’s now 1:57 p.m. as my friends have been distracting me with their funny comments and clever blog posts.

Consistency: Thin, Thick or Just Right.

Consistency does mean frequency and routine, meeting that regular expectation. It also means quality and I am a stickler on quality over quantity.

So this has just become an exercise in filler, which while I meet one commitment, that regular blog update – I fail on another, that quality blog update.

But at least it makes this post’s graphic choice a no-brainer. FWIW.

Photo credit: One of my all time favorite Demotivators from Despair.

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17 thoughts on “A New Blog Post: Must Be Thursday

  1. Just like Marcus, you make me smile too. That’s why I come back (though, admittedly, I have not been good about that lately); and also that you are walking the talk when it comes to building relationships and community by being a regular commenter not just on my blog but elsewhere too. You are much better about that than I am, though I have every good intention (we all know what Oscar Wilde said about that…)

    It’s funny, I was having this conversation with @kamichat just the other day. She remarked on how I’ve been getting a post up every day (she was the person who really made me start blogging, by giving me the opportunity for my first guest post, and not only is she a good friend, but someone I respect greatly on a professional level), and I said it’s something I need to do right now. I greatly admire bloggers who provide content of such high quality (Avinash Kaushik comes to mind immediately), that it doesn’t really matter how frequently they blog. But I’m not there yet; I don’t have that kind of profile or readership that I can afford to take it easy. Howie will attest to that, since he is a regular guest-poster at WUL (and I’d love to have you any time you’d like, Davina… you know that, right? Occurred to me that I hadn’t actually made the ask).

    IMHO, thanks to the WUL GBs, we do frequently have quality while maintaining the quantity; there’s no way I’d be able to do it without them. The WP Editorial Calendar plugin helps me immensely too. But more than anything, it’s like you said: it’s a commitment not just to my readers (thank you, whoever you are!), but to myself. I want to prove to myself that I can get a post up every day, come hell or high water.

    Right now, I count myself lucky when I have 3-4 posts scheduled, or at least in the works… like this coming week, when I’ll be traveling. My dream is to get to at least 2 weeks’ content ready to be prepped and to go. We’ll see if I ever get there.

    And thanks so much for the link love to Brian’s guest post. Isn’t he awesome?
    Shonali Burke recently posted..Why Congress Sucks

    1. Shonali, It’s all part of my sinister plan.. that day will come when I am so swimming in generously-paying clients that I can’t venture out to many other blogs. πŸ˜‰ Seriously though it’s one of the reasons I am limiting myself to two posts a week; I want to have the time to reply to comments and participate in discussions and not just on my own blog. I also want the time and energy to write well, and maybe for others. To wit:

      Guest posting at WUL, I am sure I could wax pithy or silly or ranty on something; any topic in mind? Just give me a little time to come up with something, think about your blog’s content, all of that good stuff. Flattered you asked.

      As for the plan, yeah my drafts are dwindling I noticed that the other day. I need to revisit some stuff, see if they’re just rants I should delete or if anything is worth a second look. Plus I think I have a lengthy comment or two I was supposed to be turning into a FAQ post.. hmm.

      One thing I have liked about a few of my recent posts, even this little ramble, they’ve been out of the niche, out of the “marketing, PR, SM” tutorial rut. It is freeing to write whatever.. kinda like Brian’s post (hilarious, happy to link). FWIW.

        1. No apologies necessary Shonali.. was just thinking, over at Spin Sucks that one of the best parts of Livefyre is that it keeps the conversation going longer. Hmm.. have an idea.. hmm.

  2. I hear you Davina, this morning was a struggle, the weather is dry, sunny and in the high 80s…why stay behind a keyboard. Ah yes the schedule and this intense passion to write and share.
    It doesn’t mean I will post but I will write, on schedule. If I like it, I will hit publish, if not just saved as draft for later.
    Now off for a few cold ones! FWIW

    1. I’ve had drafts that I didn’t realize were ‘good’ until maybe a blog post by another person made me think to update it; one or two changes for some current link backs and whamo: I had a popular, decent post. IDK John, I’m too critical as I read some stuff, think, “that’s it? why did THIS get all these RTs and comments?” But then, others can easily think that of my crap. Mileage will always vary, so I’m trying focus on quality yet not obsess over writing nothing but “marketing, PR, social media” or not stress about having every post be the best ever, to the point I can’t ever hit ‘publish.’

      My schedule is self imposed, a commitment to myself as much as my readers. This is my publishing a schedule, letting folks know to look for stuff hopefully two days a week, on or about Monday and Thursdays. Unless I am stumped. Or lazy. Or hungover. Or too enchanted by the nice weather to waste my day at the keyboard. Later.

    1. Thanks for that Marcus. One thing, per the last post on writing, I have to learn to let it go. Not every post will be out of the park, not every post has to just rock the house.

      Many, many a time I read a big blog or newspaper/magazine article, maybe something w/ tons of comments and RTs, and I’m like.. “really, there was nothing to that.” Now I don’t want to settle, turn out posts just for the hell of it but at the same time, that constant pressure for the exceptional is perhaps too much.

      So yeah this was fun and a little liberating, might have to try it more often. Grateful for the encouragement my friend, as always.

    2. OH Boy,

      I’m beyond fashionably late here. Hope all the cool kids didn’t go home yet lol ;).
      I like this post a lot because as Mufasa pointed out, although it talks about nothing – it touches upon everything us bloggers go through. I actually wrote a very similar post on my blog a few months ago called “Crap, I Have Nothing to Post” – I hope you don’t mind me mentioning it to you here – I just thought you might enjoy it :). If you are, let me know and I can send you the direct link via DM or something.

      Back in January – a few people – who I guarantee don’t know the first thing about blogging and everything it entails – told me I should be publishing a post every day – even more. Because every time they wanted to visit – they wanted to see something new. I was newbie – I still didn’t know what blogging was about myself. So I published 51 posts that month. Needless to say – half are probably crap if not more. I was so focussed on the quantity and on pleasing them – that I forgot about pleasing myself. Sure, I was proud that I had no life that month and that I was like a machine – but those posts – although humorous for the most part – don’t say much about me.

      I believe in being somewhat consistent – but I believe more in frequency and quality. You don’t have to publish if you don’t have a set schedule – and even if you do – will your readers forget you if you’re a day late? Will you lose all credibility? Is is not okay that sometimes life gets in the way?

      I’m not saying to go weeks without publishing – no! I’m just saying that if you’ve pushed yourself as much as you can – to the max – and the inspiration still isn’t there then give a go tomorrow. I may be wrong – and so far I’ve been pretty consistent with my 2 series and frequent with the one in between. But there will come a time when I may have nothing for you on a particular day – will you forgive me? πŸ˜‰

      Okay – I’ve blabbed enough haha.
      Just my 4.5 cents FWIW (wooohoooo I finally get to use that acronym over here!)

      Wishing you a great weekend.

      PS – Much like everyone else here – I will keep coming back too :)!
      PS 2 – Thanks so much for the mention of my blog posting guide – much appreciated. I hope people find it useful.
      Ingrid Abboud recently posted..SuperPost Sunday – Weekly Roundup 25

      1. You’re very welcome Ingrid and I don’t mind late. Also don’t mind you mentioning or even linking a relevant blog post in your comments.. that’s the idea.

        I agree, applaud, cheer, skywrite and otherwise co-sign the “blogging daily is bullshnit” meme. If you can and want to blog daily, power to you! But I don’t subscribe to that ‘rule’ for all bloggers; most of us have other jobs, day jobs, some evening gigs on the side, blah blah. Life and work get in the way, not to mention the other parts of the blogging life: OTHER blogs. I get my ideas, inspirations from reading and comments (hence your linkback) so that is what I try to do a little of every day (weekdays).

        Yes to consistency, frequency and a little regularity but it’s also fun to shake it up, to surprise and impress some readers w/ something new and different once in a while. I’ll forgive an about nothing post, as clearly I’m not ashamed of hitting ‘publish’ on those myself. πŸ˜‰

  3. Did you know you can google obscure, dormant blog sites and rent great content……:)

    The reason I did not participate in Griddy’s generous offer, I didn’t feel I was quite ready to ‘drive’ traffic to my site until I have more focus and ready to be consistent. I have some ideas, but haven’t formalized anything yet.

    I have plenty of ideas and topics I want to write about and have actually made a list of titles but would like to have a ‘stockpile’ of posts to fall back on.

    Something you do very well is stay out there through your commenting; that’s where I am but nowhere on your level.

    And yes it was beautiful weather in the F L A too and I took advantage of by playing golf; glad I didn’t have a blog to do………..:)
    Bill Dorman recently posted..What is that smell

    1. Ah yes the content rental, may have to look into that if I get desperate.. thanks for the reminder Bill.

      As for staying out there, it’s pretty obvious that I have and/or make the time. Were I swimming in well-paying clients, it’d be a different story.. or my comments would be way, way shorter. πŸ˜‰

      I have a stockpile of drafts, small and dwindling. Once in a while a recent post or do will serve to springboard them but not always.. which yes makes it harder to publish something, esp. when you’d rather be in FL or on a cruise or anywhere but the keyboard.

  4. Davina,
    How do you do it? I cannot (read: CANNOT) create a post on the day of the post! TOO much pressure. Its the whole reason my writing passion didn’t take the path of journalism!
    I have to write them a little ahead of time, or a lot ahead of time!
    But it looks like you pulled it off! (Kicks to the one who keeps winning your lotteries LOL)
    Have a great day!
    Lori Gosselin recently posted..Are You Competitive

    1. Usually I don’t publish same day, Lori. I try to work a day or two ahead, doesn’t always happen. Sometimes though the draft just works; did a fast turnaround on a guest post for Gini Dietrich and that anti Twitter auto-DM rant, once I got on a roll, didn’t take much time. But I am already nervous about Monday’s post so, it’s all part of it.

      I am really over this ‘losing the lottery’ business I tell ya, hope it was a hard kick. πŸ˜‰

  5. This is a good topic Davina. I think it always comes down to why we blog. If we had so much business and no time in the day not sure I would. But it is more a strategic thing to help me gain business. Other people like Gini or Danny have used it to create strong personal brands. I think that is the key element on how motivated we all are to have a certain volume or consistency.

    Lastly I think if I had 10 or more people always commenting I would blog more. And if I had 50+ I meet feel required and trapped thinking what happens if I miss a day! LOL

    1. ITA it’s about strategy Howie, the reasons we blog: is it for branding, networking, development, or if the blog IS the business. Some just want to develop expertise to build credibility, not even about community or networking. Some of us are bored and just must share our deep, meaningful insights on the universe or reality TV. (BTW I looked on your site the other day, didn’t see the blog? Just me, let’s not rule out some form of selective blindness.) Anyway…

      Good point on feeling trapped, I think that’s why it’s good that some bloggers post a publishing schedule to help manage those expectations. I know when I go out of town I’ll announce it, have a guest blogger ready to post if possible.

      FWIW part of what motivated me to keep this blog going.. I actually started getting some comments and was like, “wow.. it works.” Took time: writing, networking, tweeting, commenting elsewhere.. finally I resorted to combination of groveling and bribes, but don’t like to talk about it as I’ve moved past it. πŸ˜‰

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