Pimp Your Business, Atlanta

If imitation isn’t the highest form of flattery, maybe stealing is.

Danny Brown has been giving people a chance to pimp their blogs on his own site. Gini Dietrich liked this so much she “acquired” the idea herself, though she did warn Danny she would.

I am going to take it a little different. Pimp your local Atlanta business. Why?

An Experiment and a Tweet.

Experiment. Testing my SEO to see how many small businesses find the post, learning how many Atlanta area businesses find it interesting and if it’s a good idea to throw the doors open like this.

Tweet. A few days ago Mack Collier retweeted this Beth Harte gem: “The biggest mistake SM consultants make is to blog/microblog for the attention of other SM folks versus potential clients.”

It is a great reminder sometimes we forget our audiences, need to stop blogging to each other and reach out to those in the community. We need to market not only where we want our audience to be, but where our customers really are.

So go ahead small business owners. Got a business, then share:

  1. Business Name.
  2. Website URL.
  3. Blog if you have one.
  4. One Great Sentence about you and your business.

Have a business, large or small? Work in Atlanta or the Southeast? Now’s your chance for some free advertising, some link love and maybe meet a few potential clients to boot.

Oh, Spammers, you’re still getting blocked.

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7 thoughts on “Pimp Your Business, Atlanta

    1. @Jenny and @Anne thanks for stopping by. I am happily sharing the link love, trying to give back. Hopefully I’ll have a great list of local businesses to share with everyone!

    1. Thanks Gini. I am going to wait a day to start tweeting it, posting on LinkedIn, etc. Really want to see how many folks find it organically.

      Plus every business could use some free PR, thought I’d take what Danny and you did, keep pushing it forward. As always I appreciated your comments.

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