Five to Follow Friday Challenge: Get Out of Your Twitter Comfort Zone

I am supposed to be telling you about cool or fun or smart people to follow or unfollow, but not today. Instead of the typical cast of characters, I challenge you to go find five people out of your comfort zone.

Invite your entire Twitter following out with us tonight and I'll make sure we get a slightly larger booth If you work in public relations, marketing and/or social media, find five people who don’t to follow on Twitter. There are plenty of folks who have blogs and/or use Twitter but aren’t “in” social media.

And FWIW @garyvee is excluded as while yes he’s in the wine industry, with Vaynermedia and his own site, he very much is about marketing and social media, Crush (-ing) It and awesomeness.

The idea behind this started with finding the same lists of Who’s Who, the same blogs on the same blogrolls, and the same people retweeting the same stuff. Don’t get me wrong, so many of these folks rock–hard–and I am happy to follow them.

But I have my reasons I don’t always follow @BigName here; I’m looking for something different.

The bonus when you get out of the house: You meet people.

1.    @RowanArtemis Rowan Hokanson is web comic whom I met at a tweet up. She’s smart, interesting and likes Macs almost as much as I do.

2.   @eholtzclaw I also met Eric Holtzclaw, VP of Operations for a product research firm, via a Tweetup. He likes wine, tweets from his iPhone and is even newer to Twitter than I.

The bonus when you follow outside your field: You might  find a new wine, get a good laugh or learn something new.

3.   @Womenwhowine Because I like wine and sometimes, booze helps. See next.

4.   @ClientsFH We can’t always tweet our frustrations, so this feed helps us out a la @Letters2Clients, another of my Follow Friday recommendations. This is the Twitter feed for the Clients from Hell blog, which chronicles crazy things clients ask their designers and consultants.

5.   @bullshitradar Because it’s funny to see something called out as crap, and SEO ranter “Gang O Nutters” does just that. And because I wanted to type “BullShit Radar” and link to the blog.

In the last few weeks I have met and started following folks completely outside of my PR, social media, marketing view screen. And I am a better marketer and communicator for it.

If you have anyone worth following out of the PR, Social Media usual suspects, please list him or her here.

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One thought on “Five to Follow Friday Challenge: Get Out of Your Twitter Comfort Zone

  1. Thanks for the follow friday! I love the outside-the-box idea. ^.^

    By the way, this line is just because I wanted to type “Bullshit Radar” too. ^.~ Awesome Twitter name!

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