Confessions of a Timeshifter: Making It Work

I typed this while watching TV on Hulu. Maybe it was Castle, 24 or old episodes of whatever. I am also:

  • On Twitter via TweetDeck and Echofon.
  • Checking email.
  • Reading and posting on lots blogs, using my Google reader.
  • And since I work at home, I’ve got laundry going and am sitting in comfy pajamas. (There may even cookies in the oven.)

I am on multitasking overload, my way of Crushing It. (Sorry @garyvee, not giving up Lost.)

I like it because I am always thinking, always planning. The downside: I am always thinking, always planning. It’s also well past the work whistle and yet I’m still at it, the work-life boundaries getting blurred.

My brain does not have an off switch.

Do you have to give everything your full attention? Some projects, especially certain clients tasks, I absolutely shut it all down and focus on the task at hand…with maybe iTunes playing softly in the background.

Letting things interrupt you can certainly effect your productivity and there are times you have to close the door on distractions.

When Procrastination Works

Other times the distractions lead to great results, perhaps improve productivity. There are plenty of tips out there to make the right priorities, maximize your time and make putting things off the right move.

My watching and reading about 24 generated a blog post. A short chat with @AugieRay on Twitter, led to my most successful blog post yet.

What distracts you, and how can you apply that to get some work done?

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4 thoughts on “Confessions of a Timeshifter: Making It Work

  1. You hit the target on this one! Monitoring company news for clients, planning events and news coverage, and addressing crisis issues are all a part of the fast-moving world that is PR. It’s a given that in order to excel at it, multitasking is a must and so is procrastination, to a degree. PR pros often get too close to something and need to back off to see that grand light AKA idea at the end of the tunnel. BTW, Castle is just plain old good TV viewing!


    1. Marcie, so glad you stopped by, thanks!

      It’s a funny mix isn’t it? Working on many things at once or focusing on completing one task. The step back can help. Watching Castle (love the blended genres they’ve got working!) can inspire you to see a PR project or social media campaign in a new way.

  2. I totally agree! I love the serendipity that comes from procrastination, but there are times you just have to shut everything off and focus. It’s all a balance!

    I think the internet in general distracts me, which is why when I really need to focus, I shut it all down and hide my phone until I complete my task. And total, I just went outside to read for a bit and get renewed. Sometimes, it’s helpful to just walk away or get up and stretch. Especially when we have weather like this!

    1. Laura, Sometimes shutting everything off IS the distraction for me; I’ll find all that quiet focus limiting and restrictive. Other times I gotta focus. It all depends on the task at hand. Like you said, BALANCE.

      Thanks for reading, sharing your comment!

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