Blog or Rant: What’s the Difference, Damnit?!

I loves me a good rant. Scott Stratten at Unmarketing, Bad Pitch Blog, Danny Brown and many others have written great rants on social media and public relations.

Going through several unpublished blog drafts, I moved more than a half dozen posts into a Rants Not Good folder. Just collections of random thoughts or examples of bad tweets, like social media experts who RT all the time… and it’s dead links so you know they are not really reading what they are sharing.

Maybe it does, as it’s more spontaneous and heart-felt. The closest I’ve done and published was a gripe with a bad direct marketing campaign, easy enough to make it relevant to my readers.

I don’t know, this is obviously just filler post but I work at it. I always look for good ideas and source materials for the link love, and yet so many of my thoughts I deem rants and thus, unblogworthy.

I think self doubt is hard-wired into us. And that is a good thing, if it keeps you working and moving forward to being better, doing more and really adding value.

And yet how many times have I read something on Mashable or somewhere, that was picked up by Social Media Today or retweeted a lot, and thought, “I can write or rant something just as good, maybe better.” Hmmm.

So on the Jack Bauer Security Alert Scale, where do your blogs fall?

  • dammit Situation green. Aw shucks “Damn, why did I not blog that?” as you read great stuff by others, RT and save the link to add to your own posts.
  • Damnit You really feel strongly about this, with a capital D. You have charts and stats and links damnit.
  • Damnit! Punctuation mark means you mean business! You won’t let others get away with their wrong ideas and myths and will set them straight.
  • DAMNIT All caps are ON and all bets are OFF and you are hella pissed and will shout it to the world. You’re Peter Finch damnit.
  • DAMNIT!! The all caps and punctuation are out in full force, bringing friends Cursing and Swearing along to the party. Gloves are off, the Man Purse is loaded for bear and your blog will Save. The. World.

A blog, rant or mindless drivel, I guess the point is to just put it out there. Maybe Danny Brown is right and we need to just hit publish already, Damnit.

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2 thoughts on “Blog or Rant: What’s the Difference, Damnit?!

  1. Haha, Davina, you made my Monday night with this post. 🙂

    I think an occasional rant is the perfect way to stir things up a little. Show me someone that says they never get annoyed or frustrated, and I’ll show you someone that’s probably nearing explosion with pent-up anger. Like the advert says, it’s good to talk.

    Let it out and feel the difference – you’ll be glad you did. 🙂

    1. Danny,

      ITA sometimes the pot can use a little stirring!

      It’s often the blog posts that aren’t canned and pre-packaged that have the most impact, break the conventions. Thanks for reading, sharing your comments.

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