Best “Best Of” Posts in PR and Social Media

Is actual work getting in the way of your reading? Are you missing the good stuff? Fear not gentle readers, there are fellow social media and public relations pros to the rescue.

Last month I spoke at the Southern Public Relations Federation 2010 Evolution Conference. It was a great experience but it kept me off the Twitter and blogs for a while. Luckily I didn’t miss too much.

Awesome daily and weekly digests on latest news and blog posts:

No time to read your Twitter stream all day? No problem.

The is a cool blog-like tool that takes the links you share on Twitter, turns them into a newspaper-like thingy. I’ve noticed a few of these in weeks past.

I’ve done a few of these digest posts, should do more. Sharing is good, making it easy to find is better. Feel free to tell me what I missed, just don’t knock me in the head.

Photo credit: T-shirt humor sells that as posters, other stuff too.
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8 thoughts on “Best “Best Of” Posts in PR and Social Media

    1. Shonali, I read a lot of these digest post.. think “hey, I can do that” yet I rarely do. All about taking… making the time. I have a few other ideas a-brewing, to share content .. thinking of ways to make it work. Thanks.

  1. Wow, thanks Davina. Wasn’t sure I’d like the thing, but I watched @LeeOdden use it a few times and decided to give it a shot. I’ve found it’s a great way to keep on top of some of the best content around – like Gini’s – who by the way, is a prolific writer! Also, the posts that @Steveology does on “you might have missed last week?” Lot of people do these, but he does a great job of finding posts we really might have missed. Great resource. Thanks for the post!

    1. Frank, I’ve seen a few of those paper things, seems like a pretty interesting tool, but I’m already stretched thin in SM sites. Maybe some day.

      I too try to find and tweet posts others may have missed, but it is work. You get busy with work and things will slip past you, so like the prolific Gini said these aggregation posts and newsletters are a nice find. Just a shout-out to a few who help keep me on top of things. Thanks for the comment.

  2. Okay, two things: One, hilarious that you haven’t hit me over the head (yet)! And “newspaper-like thingy” made me LOL. I love content aggregated blog posts…keep on doin!

    1. Gini, Hee. 1) I’d never hit you, though it is fun to keep you on your toes 😉 and 2) that’s all I could think to call that Tumblr, Posterous like thing and 3) I plan to keep keeping on, sharing the link love along with mixing in some new stuff. Thanks for visiting!

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