All dressed up, nowhere to Tweet.

Confession*: I am one of those folks who turns off, shuts down, unplugs and walks away from time to time.  Could be that I’m on a deadline and want to avoid distractions, or doing some slacking like … sleeping or eating.  So when I logged in this morning, low and behold…


Is. Down.

My morning routine is this:

  1. Look at the calendar, see what’s booked and on deadline, plan my day and then
  2. Check emails and messages, see what needs immediate response and then
  3. Fire up TweetDeck or TwitterFox for the first time

Last week, Beth Harte was thinking out loud and wondered if we would still be Social without Twitter and other social networks.  And most of the responses, mine included, agreed that we’d find another way.

So here is this emergency post, about what to do now. So I am blogging, posting this on other networks such as LinkedIn and Technorati, as well as reading and commenting on other posts.  Nothing is stopping, the world isn’t ending and here go.. right back to work.  FWIW.

*And yes, this will probably be one of the first things I tweet when Twitter is back online.

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One thought on “All dressed up, nowhere to Tweet.

  1. Turns out it was very productive time: I joined a few other social networks, mostly marketing and social media though I am having login issues with Technorati; I updated a few blog drafts, soon to be posted. Lots of emails and client calls, making sure everything was on schedule. Heck, I didn’t even notice Twitter was back online for a couple hours.

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