Social Media, Public Relations, Marketing in 2010: Looking Back, to the Future

(aka The obligatory New Year’s blog)

Expecting a countdown of best Social Media moments or worst Public Relations goofs for 2009? A list of top SM or social marketing or PR trends for the past year? Not here. Marketing predictions or PR Trends for the future? Nope. A “touchy feely self-help yoga crap” blog full of introspection and optimistic BS. So not gonna happen.

I am closing out the year with a little recap. In 2009:

  • I have invested time networking and connecting. And in many ways, it’s been one of my most productive years.
  • I’ve read, shared, linked and retweeted countless blogs and stories. And I added my two pennies worth of comments quite a few times.
  • I’ve taken control of my online identity via Twitter, FriendFeed, LinkedIn, and my Google profile. And locked down (as best I can) the crappy Facebook privacy settings.
  • Like other public relations professionals, I studied and followed social media. And now I am applying what I’ve learned and continue to learn everyday, adapting and using it to help myself and my clients. I have embraced social media and social networks with both hands, and I am a better communications professional for it.
  • Oh and I cleaned up my office a little this morning, reducing the clutter for 2010. That is all.

Now back to work.

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