Follow Friday Challenge: The I’ve Been Stingy Edition

I haven’t done one of these in a while, forgive my stinginess. Ahem.

I like to challenge myself to find and follow folks on Twitter who are outside my comfort zone of marketing, social media, PR and small business. Then I run into the oxymoron of “if they’re on Twitter, they are using SM.” Probably just me.

My five to follow this week:

  1. Adam Vincenzini tweeted a question the other day, asking for a non-social media or PR blogger to follow. While anyone who blogs might be considered social media, I totally appreciated his oxymoronic point. I loved his question, so Adam is first on my list.
  2. Follow @Redheadwriting was my suggestion to Adam, as Erika Napoletano brings humor and snark to her posts about whatever is on her mind. I need to find more not really social media types to follow on blogs and Twitter and she’s a perfect example. We could all use a good Bitch Slap every once in a while.
  3. Kate Spiers tweeting as @WisdomLondon asked a simple question about Twitter rules of engagement. A nice little chat ensued, showing the benefits of the real-time application. Plus she lives in London, is sure to have a fab accent.
  4. Rose DesRochers I met via @DannyBrown’s #sbt10 chat. She blogs a little of everything including teen fashion, blogging basics to novelty sleep masks. Love eclectic, she tweets as @BloggerTalk.
  5. Always gotta include a funny one and don’t think I’ve given them a shout out before so here’s some love for @OHnewsroom and the frackin’ hilarious media and journalism tweets. I’d love to know which paper or media establishment produces these.

If you have any suggestions, please share.

Photo Credit: Twitter Nonsense by Pink Sheep

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2 thoughts on “Follow Friday Challenge: The I’ve Been Stingy Edition

    1. Whenever I do a #FF (which isn’t that often, hence the “stingy”) I always try to explain it. Everyone has different reasons for following and/or recommending someone so it helps. Plus I get a blog post out of it 😉

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