Five to Follow Friday: Challenge Yourself

Another Friday, another day to recommend folks to follow on Twitter. I try and take the time to THINK about who and why I recommend people. It goes back to my first Five to Follow Friday Challenge.

I think we need to take a follow break until you get your Twittering under controlIf someone is out here on Twitter, then they kinda sorta already are in social media. After a while, you do tend to see, read, share the same info over and over.

I’m always looking for more. I read that @MackCollier follows 15K Twitterers. I’ve been more generous with the Follow button lately, but I still feel like a slacking slacker who slacks, not even following 1K.

Here five folks to follow, from different walks of life that hopefully you’ll find interesting:

  1. Everyone eats right? Why not follow local chefs and restaurants in your area, see what they have to share? Among others, I follow Michael Erickson, @FifthGrouper, who’s with the Fifth Group restaurants in Atlanta.
  2. And since you’re eating, you gotta drink something right?! Matthew Horbund is @mmWine, a wine blogger from Florida who’s good peeps.
  3. Tim Siedell aka @badbanana I like to bring the funny to #FollowFriday and this is a good feed of quips and oddball goofiness.
  4. Gila Fox, tweeting for @Valpakcoupons, is a social media pro who’s fun, real and gets the whole engagement thing.
  5. Bryan Cromlish, @bcromlish Why? Because we had a nice little chat this morning about @AmberCadabra‘s latest post, a Dear John to [clueless] PR Folks. Simple, easy and fun.

See folks, it’s not that hard. Got someone new for me to check out, please leave your suggestion in the comments.

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