Bringing the Funny to Follow Friday

The more you find out about the world, the more opportunities there are to laugh at it,” – Bill Nye, the Science Guy

To help be creative or recharge, sometimes it’s necessary to tickle the old funny bone.  Here are a few of the tweeters and bloggers I follow on Twitter that may be good for the occasional chuckle. Enjoy.

Random Missives, Links, and More

  • ShitMyDadSays. Lots of followers already, so many it’s getting a TV show (WTH?!) but good for a giggle or wry smile.
  • Matthew Inman, aka The Oatmeal. Not only does he get the creative, design process, he makes grammar and surviving a fight with a velociraptor fun. Love this guy and I ain’t the only one.
  • Letters2Clients. New on the Twitter scene, this is a great follow for creative and communications professionals. Wish you could tweet about all the idiotic stuff your clients do or ask? Here you go.

People Watching on Twitter

  • You Suck at Craigslist. Bad advertising from the “just don’t get it” set, this Tweeter feed of the YSaC blog as they wonder why people would turn to Craigslist for their Kitten Stealing capers.
  • People of Walmart. Speaking of those other people, who goes out in public looking that? Remember folks, the world is watching.  Twitter feed for the PoW blog.
  • Bluetooth Douchebag. Just found this one via @moryan, this is PoW for tools who cannot take off their Bluetooth headsets. Ever.
  • Fug Girls. For celebrity peoplewatching, Heather and Jessica bring the funny to fashion commentary over at Go Fug Yourself.

Tweeting for Business.. and it Works?!

  • Despair and its WailingList and Customer Disservice feeds. Great demotivators and shameless self promotion, plus smart crowdsourcing ideas, are what they do well. Not much tweeting or Facebooking lately, but still one of my favorites.
  • Someecards. More self-promoting that kicks all kinds of ass. Tweets and cards are not always work friendly…which is even more awesome.

Who makes you laugh on Twitter?

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