Let’s hear it for the Golden Silence!

While going to see X-Men: The Last Stand on opening night, an employee of AMC Parkway Pointe came in with a very strong warning to turn off cell phones and pagers. She went on to nix idle chatter, text messaging or even the unruly toddler (who would have had no business at this loud, scary-for-a-three-year-old, late-night movie anyway).

You know basic “common sense” manners that have been lost. Where have gone Mrs. Post? Oh right, you’re still there. Sadly no one is listening.

Furthermore the AMC representative cautioned that management would ask violators of their policies to leave the theater. This announcement got a well-deserved round of applause from the crowd.

This was the second time I’d been there for such warning, and it was music to my ears. As their trademarked “Silence is Golden®” appeared on-screen, there was more applause from the packed theater.

Announcing and enforcing good movie-going etiquette is a simple way to keep fans happy and coming back, and a perfect example of cost-effective good PR.

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