Think I’m full of it? Tell me. Blog Comments Are Open.

I rant and rave about what ticks me off in the marketing and public relations and social media arenas but it didn’t occur to me, the need for a blog comment policy. Yet a preemptive strike is best as I was told by Grant Griffiths, and I agree: it’s much harder to shove that cat back into the bag.

My Blog Comment Policy is: Comments are Open.

  • Real comments: Welcome and approved. No registration required, just sign in. Do it already!
  • Closed to crap. Spam and “great post” link bait can go for a long walk on short pier.
  • Profanity. Won’t always ban or edit, as I’m saucy with the lingo myself. But a little goes a long way.
  • Pimp thyself? Want to link back to your own posts in your comments? Sure but if that’s all you’ll ever do, your wasting the link love on my little read blog.

Disagree? Bring it.

Blog comments being open is about raising the level of debate, exchanging ideas and engaging with the readers. Comments is where it happens, or so I keep reading from folks like Lauren Gray. Totally agree (though I have future rant coming, as it’s not always the case).

Part of that #sbt10 chat a while back was a realization that there is the real possibility someone will think I am full of crap. At least it’ll make me an official blogger, right Dan?

Feel free to tell me you think I’m full of it, but tell me why you don’t like my post, my blog. Keep it professional and we’ll get along fine. Make it personal, we won’t.

Play nice with the other kids.

While I won’t pretend to throw down with the likes of Olivier Blanchard, I will ask for some basic rules of debate and civility. (Side note: his Twitter rules parody is freakin’ hilarious.)

If you post “Twitter sucks and is of the Devil,” that’s fine; I’ll just agree to disagree. But if you post that “People who like, use and write about Twitter are evil and should burn for all eternity,” NOT so fine.

  • Say why you disagree with another person’s comment, but do not flame that guest.
  • Argue the points, not the person. Debate the topic, not the debater.

Attacking someone for their personal and/or professional beliefs and opinions crosses a line, will get your comment deleted and IP blacklisted faster than if you try to sell me cheap porn or Canadian Viagra.

Props to Danny Brown and #sbt10 chat for inspiring this blog post.

Blog comment rules, what did I miss?

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6 thoughts on “Think I’m full of it? Tell me. Blog Comments Are Open.

  1. The only other topic might be Internet Pharmacy’s offering ED Meds will never get published. My policy is that even if you disagree with me I will publish your comment as long as we stay on topic. Other than that “Great Post”, Damn I wish I had Written It and check out this article on my blog… OOPS I’m not supposed to say those things am I… Nevermind. (It was a great article anyway)
    Mack Perry recently posted..Northeast Atlanta Sales are Up

    1. Mack, Yeah the “great post” and off topic comments won’t get any love from me. Feel free to disagree, just make your point relevant to the post. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. I love it! and got so wrapped up in writing a post that came to mind you inspired, I forgot to leave my dang comment ROFLMAO. That is when you know you wrote a good blog post. Is that possibly why I do not get lots of comments? giggle they are so good folks forget to leave one?

    Now to go read that one you mentioned a readers policy (coffee snorting out my nose).

    1. Michelle, Glad you liked the post. After reading a few other comment policies, thought it was time to come up with one of my own. If nothing else, I figured it’d be good for a few comments.

      I do have a plan and strategy for my blog to be sure. Part of it’s working, as I’m networking and connecting with many smart people. Part of it has work still to be done, more connections with people who need my kind of help, aka potential clients. 😉

      Thanks for the comment.

    1. Karen, I’ll take that complaint any day! I didn’t occur to me to have a blog comment policy as I don’t post on sensitive topics like politics, religion or fandoms. 😉 My blog shares my opinions, right? Just disagree respectfully, professionally is all I ask.

      Thanks for reading, taking the time to comment.

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