Staying Apart, Coming Together

Staying apart, keeping safe. YES it’s another Coronavirus post. Enjoy your eyeroll. The World.. as we knew it. IDK what to type here, or what I’m really in the mood to say. I know that the effects of the COVID-19 […]

Service Recovery for the PR win

Service Recovery. At first I thought it sounded like blather, just another business babblespeak phrase. As it turns out, service recovery is a much needed and under used aspect of PR. Communications > Marketing If you’ve read this far you’re […]

Big Business, Little Things: On Customer Relations

Customer Relations is often a study in the little things. Little Things,  Big Impression When we cruise, the cabin stewards make a point of learning our names, routines, waiters our dinner preferences. That comes from training, from HR and CRM, empowering the staff to […]