I hate when people say that. (aka Words Matter.)

Words matter. In world where “humblebrag” is in the dictionary and alternative facts are a thing, words matter. A familiar cliche, idiom, or figure of speech may be the quickest, easiest way to make a point. Like shorthand or emojis […]

Blogging: Planned or Canned?


Reading a post on the State of Blogging, got me thinking. How I Blog I consider this a blog. Why? There’s comments. Sometimes. There are no ads (though not always a deal breaker). I’m not blogging for or as my […]

Feel the Power: Blogging

Most of my F&F roll their eyes at blogging. Even those who spend hours each week on Facebook, commenting on sports message boards, all matter of ‘online’ activities – they still have little respect for the blogging arts. Reach out […]

Draft Dodging

Ok, so this is a twofer this week, blogging about blogging, but damn it.. this is my blog. All drafted up, nothing to post Between drafts in Word, in WordPress and now my beloved Evernote, I have many ideas for […]