Too Many Choices: A WordPress Production

Hey if the CEO can chronicle a month of Yahoo! logo redesigns, then I can wax geeky my website’s blog makeover. Choices. Too many choices. Think I’ve referenced it before, one of the biggest challenges in business isn’t necessarily making a bad […]

Warning: I’m still blogging.


Warning: The blog you are reading is currently in progress. The long overdue Extreme Website Makeover has begun. Let the blogging begin! COMING SOON:  Simple, easy to use website! And pretty! Less corporate drivel, more business smarts! All WordPress all […]

You don’t want a cheap website. Trust me.

Driving out of my local grocery store, I saw a promotional sign: Websites starting at $99. Please, please don’t. Why not? A ‘cheap’ website is a waste of money. 1) It won’t be 100 bucks. 2) Your website is your […]

For Luv of Comments: WordPress Plugin pick

This will be a mini-post (if I can learn to keep it short). One of those blog posts about blogging for the sake of blogging, but what the hell. WordPress plugin of the moment: CommentLuv I like blog comments. I […]