Twitter Rules, Revisited

Thinking a lot about Twitter – as if all the links don’t give me away – it’s my social network of choice. NO I don’t want to marry it and make little Twitter babies, but it’s still gotta be my […]

Follow Friday: Can’t we all just disagree? Edition

These are people who make me THINK, ask questions, reconsider topics and recognize other possibilities. How? By having opinions different – dare I say – contrary to my own. When it’s smart and well-done, me likey! The theme of this […]

Follow Friday: Welcome Anytime Edition

My general approach to Follow Friday goes something like this: Don’t suck at it. Unless you’re into that sort of thing. Skip the usual suspects from the likes of public relations, social media and marketing. NTTAWWT, but there’s something to […]

Just another “Twitter is dead. Vive la Twitter.” post

—  the Internets circa late-2012 — Twitter is dead. Again. Some more. Founded in the mid-aughts this former SxSW standout is going the way of MySpace and other social networks before it, shutting down its services last Sunday. The 140-character micro-blogging […]

Share to Get. I demand a refund.

This may get me in trouble. I’m sure to offend more than a few folks by not liking this thing but I got to go with my first reaction. “Share to Get” is a service you can add to your […]