Please don’t change MY Twitter

Many changes afoot at Twitter. API crackdown. Fare thee well LinkedIn, so long Instagram, smell ya later Tumblr. VIA be gone. Not showing the 3rd party apps on the web, so you won’t see clients like Buffer and TweetChat included in […]

Unfollow Friday, Redux

Seems to be going around. It’s your Twitter, do whatever the hell you want. Promise you, that be my plan. Unfollow Friday, Part Three, Act LDXV, Version 4.7 Whenever I do this I nix mostly news, bots, RSS feeds – […]

Google+. One network to rule them all?

I used to think that what Facebook was doing ‘wrong’ was not giving people more control over their audiences, what they share with whom. Is Twitter random? I agree with most of Mitch Joel’s points on Twitter, but for the […]

Should I pimp my old posts?

I suck at pimping my own crap. Not sure what that is all about really, just have it ingrained in me not to brag, self-promote, toot my own horn too much. Which is good as I have no musical talent. […]

Influence Shminfluence

Been considering influence and Twitter scoring a while as this post toiled away in drafts, then got ‘scooped’ by the damn New York Times over the weekend. Sheesh. Is influence a myth? Oprah liked a book, it sold millions, the […]