When a Sale isn’t a Sale

BTW: this type of mini-post used to go to my G+ but as rumor has it, Google+ is not long for this world. Value. Bang for the buck. Sale. Bargain. Business buzzwords and what customers are wanting as they make their buying […]

PR, Marketing, More: Observations from the Lido Deck

Here’s the problem with vacation: my brain goes with me. Oh to be on a cruise Once again my vacation of choice this year was a Carnival cruise. Snorkeling, cocktails, sun, sleep, food, fun, reading, napping.. the usual suspects all present […]

Limits are AWESOME!

Please Make it Stop. I’m over the tweetable ‘Stop Sucking’ memes. Don’t want to read another ‘Be Epic’ blog post. Tired of the ‘Go Awesome or Go Home’ schtick. It’s more empty ‘aim for the stars’ quiptoids, bad business advice you should […]

Blogging: Fortune Cookie Wisdom Style

“Do not wait for others to open the right doors for you.” Not much of a fortune – don’t ya hate that?! – but certainty good advice, even if from a cookie. Stop Waiting Yes there are nice, courteous people […]

Plan. Or Else.

Kicking off 2013 with (hopefully) a short and sweet little rant. I’ll get to my obligatory resolutions post later. Or screw, that .. two birds, one stone: This will be The Plan AND Resolutions post. Resolutions are all about The Plan, […]