My LinkedIn Policy, Revisited

First, second, 45th most – to each, his or her own. We all have our way of using, doing, being social. Online and off. This be mine. Like a robo-call from telemarketing hell, the LinkedIn Request from a total stranger […]

The Social Contract: Do I have to be uh, Social?

Implied? Explicit? What does it mean to be Social? That mileage may vary as will the Rules of Engagement, everything from your Twitter rules to how you LinkedIn, whether or not you mix the professional with the professional, if this is […]

New Post Category: How Dumb Was I?

New category today: How dumb was I? Looking at what got my really got my blog going  – the comments, the engagement – I’ve started revisiting some old posts. Why? The game is changing almost daily. Marketing, public relations, social […]