Is Twitter Worth It?

Salesforce has passed. Disney, other businesses have bowed out of the ‘who wants to buy Twitter?’ lottery. I once dated an apostrophe. Too possessive. — Aparna Nancherla (@aparnapkin) November 12, 2015 Saving Twitter in 140 Characters I’ve written it’s obituary, opined […]

Numerical Blindness

Whenever anyone says that a business or brand MUST do social media, I cringe, I wince, I reach for a cocktail. Then I shake my head and think.. follow the money. Numbers, meet Perspective: YouTube has millions of people who like […]

Google+. One network to rule them all?

I used to think that what Facebook was doing ‘wrong’ was not giving people more control over their audiences, what they share with whom. Is Twitter random? I agree with most of Mitch Joel’s points on Twitter, but for the […]

An EIEIO for Social Media

What we learn as kids sticks with us, right? Look both ways. It’s good to share. Old MacDonald had a farm. Bill Seaver, who knows from blog content, posted over on Social Media Examiner that I could learn social media from […]