I can’t find the words. So I’m blogging.

Not ‘blogging’ blogging today. This won’t be keyword loaded or SEO optimized (sorry Yoast), no career advancing ambitions business blather. This is Hard Blogging is an outlet. But it’s hard – to wrap my head around what’s happening, to find […]

From Glass Houses to Oscar Red Carpet: Social Judgement

This post started eons ago with this Twitter is the Anti-Social Media story about the New England Patriot’s social media foibles, trying to game engagement and brand management with a ‘retweet’ campaign that – predictably – went really wrong really fast. “What is […]

Why are we hiding? Anonymity Online

Anonymity. There are times it has its place: whistle blowers, political refugees, critics trying to stay under the radar, hilariously crazy Amazon reviews. But as a public relations pro, I’d never post anything on behalf of myself or client without disclosure. Then […]