What to blog about today? I know.. blogging.

Confession: The draft pile is looking pretty anemic – lots of ideas scattered about too many posts, nothing ‘publish’ worthy – and I’m trying to build in some wiggle room. (With a dread “blogging about blogging for blogging’s sake” post no […]

The Worst iPad App List Ever

Okay maybe not the worst ever but weaksauce to be sure. Why? Because it’s late Wednesday, I am pressed for a post, don’t want to think too much before a holiday weekend, because I am drinking a big glass of […]

FlashForward Marketing: The Future of Your Campaign

I’ve read so many great posts on the metrics of marketing, public relations and social media campaigns. This week Chris Penn had one of the simplest, smartest analogies I have read in a while: “Diagnostic metrics tell you how the […]