Everything Ends. Is Your Business Ready For It?


Everything ends. There’s a time and place for everything, then that changes. The beginning of the end. Again. Creative destruction. Progress. AI and automation taking jobs or closing businesses. Call it what you will, but unless you make a profit […]

Brand Image is in the eye of the Beholder.

Can’t help it, the Macklemore-Ryan Lewis tune “Thrift Shop” is one of my jams. Fun, catchy and it makes a pretty keen observation on marketing to our consumer culture: “$50 for a t-shirt? I call that getting swindled and pimped. I […]

Work Is Where The Brain Is

Totally buying the conspiracy theory (can’t find link?!) that the Yahoo! memo was leaked on purpose – to get people talking about Yahoo!. Ahem. The so-called “Cons” of working at home Sparked by the Yahoo! memo this USA Today article […]

DIY. At Your Own Risk.

Time IS Money. Period. You either have one or the other – and if you’re hella lucky, both. The problem is most people – especially small business owners, start-ups trying to launch – have neither. Something’s Gotta Give What usually gives […]

The Mid-year Check-Up

2012 is halfway in the books already, thought I’d check my resolution progress. Healthier living. I can report more salads, fewer Cokes, longer walks. Not a lot of change, certainly going in the right direction. Website. Sadly, those cobbler’s kids […]