The Key to Small Business Success

The key to business success, whether large or small, may not be what you think. Marketing and there’s how many P’s now? Product (and/or Service). That’s what you’re making or selling. Price. What customers will pay and you’ll take in […]

Shortest Advice on SEO. Ever.

The shortest advice on SEO: If you want to be found, you have to be findable. – The end. – Tricky to fill this space with nothing.. some link friendly Atlanta public relations social media marketing keywords Okay not really but […]

Your Website is Ugly and Your SEO Sucks

Three of the most hated letters in marketing might just be: S-E-O. Search rose again in 2009, meaning we are not searched out and yes, Google will be self aware in a few years. Yesterday Peter Shankman wrote an ode […]