Trending Topics: Newsjackers Beware

The Olympics kicked off Friday night with the fun and spectacle of the Opening Ceremonies. Corgis and Mary Poppins, James Bond and Her Majesty, oh my. The Summer Games will be one of the dominant stories in news cycle, crossing […]

How to get free publicity for your business.

You don’t. This is probably one of my most frequently asked questions (post pending), as I then explain the falacy that PR = publicity. And since I’ve got you here with my linkbaiting headline that asks a question and seeks […]

Would the real PR please stand up?

One post I’ve read listed 31 Flavors of Public Relations. It has some good info to share, yet I agree with Beth Harte that 1) all those definitions creates a misperception of PR and 2) too many were publicity-centric. PR is not […]